Great news! Omar Epps' son, Amir, is home after spending three nights in the hospital. Keisha Epps took to Instagram to thank fans for their love and support.

"GOD is such a good good good good God," shared the happy mom. "I want to thank all the LOVERS who became prayer warriors and uplifted my family in prayer when I posted my son's condition," she added. "I know the workings of prayer. son was just released. We are packing up and looking forward to going HOME. There's no place like it. I truly appreciate and LOVE ya'll for the LOVE you've given. We make the world go round when we use our power for good. Anyway we are doing the HAPPY PRAISE DANCE right about now."

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Keisha uploaded a picture of Amir and Omar taking a walk down the hospital's hall the day before the youngster was released. "Prince Amir's first walk since being hospitalized with his father's guidance," said Mrs. Epps. "Our baby is almost out of the ICU. 3 nights and God willing no more nights to go. Prayers up.Going for our second walk. Hopefully with NO OXYGEN TANK."

Amir is Keisha and Omar Epps' only son. The couple also parent two daughters, Aiyanna and K'mari, together.



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