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After a recent sit down with Wonderland Magazine, interviewer Tea Hacic- Vlahovic noted that Willow Smith’s overwhelming sense of maturity and profundity paradoxically aligns with the idealism of youth. While this may be true, it does not take away from the impact her words can have on her equally idealistic peers. So it’s no wonder that she continues to be a prominent figure in the media; a staple for new revolutions among the nation’s youth. Willow’s fame is an assertion to how hungry children today are for change, purpose, and voice. Her Twitter page says it all:


Being a leader in the 1970s is unlike anything a kid of the 21st Century will ever experience in a lifetime.

Although Willow is only 14 years old, she has lived a life fuller than most girls her age. Her parents are two of the biggest stars in the world right now, but it’s more than that. She and her brother have been raised to be free-thinkers, to flex their rights, and to dream big. Taking advantage of these special circumstances has led Willow to be a thinker. She told Wonderland, “I think a lot. That’s the main thing I do in my life.” She even went so far as to say, “I always feel like an adult, since I’m always having revolutionary thoughts.”

Whether or not Tweets like, “Women are systematically exploited by the system” or “The people who make commercials promoting good health are the same people making Cheetos” can be considered revolutionary may be debatable, but one thing is for sure: Willow is intent on having a voice that the youth can relate to and seek knowledge from.

This is especially evident in her determination to only put out worthy music. Right now, she has enough songs written to put together an album, but says she does not like them enough for that. Time seems to be no obstacle for Willow, which is refreshing in this fast-paced world of now.

While her family has been accused of having its quirks, it’s clear that they have a special bond between them. Whatever it is that Will and Jada are doing seems to be working for the Smith kids, who are always full of confidence and a desire to reach new levels of success through art.

“My brother and I have such a good relationship because we aren’t forced to be with each other all the time… Jaden and I have had our separate lives. We do our own thing, we don’t question each other. We connect on a friend level.”


Photo: Wonderland Magazine

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