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Being a mom can be overwhelming, especially if you find that you are always on the go, with too much on your mind. There is no official way to make that stop, but there are ways to reduce the stress load and keep everyone happy and healthy.


Here are 6 tips that may help you get through the day with a little more confidence, and a little less worry.


Bathtub Art

Of course, it’s impossible to prevent mess when you have an artistic child, but what about trying to contain it? An empty bathtub is the perfect place for your little one to get creative. A diaper, some paper, and markers is all it takes. While they won’t know the difference, you will. The easy clean-up will be very appreciated at the end of a long day. Simply remove the diaper and add water!

Bedtime Timer

The great thing about being a kid is having all of that energy to spare. The world is so exciting, and there is so much to explore. But there is a downside too — bedtime. Every mom knows when the sun goes down, the battle begins. Setting timers is a great way to get kids comfortable with the process of routine. Open the conversation with a dialogue. Let your little one know bedtime is around the corner and ask what it is they most want to get done before the day’s end. Help them complete their final tasks, but have a timer set. They can watch the timer, which will help them learn how to be effiecient. Best of all, the sound of the timer is a very real way to set boundaries that can’t be argued with.

Big Kids Help Out

The only thing kids really, really want, is to be acknowledged as big kids. Encourage their independence by giving them tasks that only a “big kid” can do. Star systems have been in place for a long time, but never underestimate the power of affirmative  statements. By getting the youngsters on board with helping out, moms can actually decrease their own workloads. “Big kids sweep” — magic words. Kids gain confidence, and parents save time, it’s a win-win.

Productive Bathtime

Moms know multitasking is a must, but the younger the child, the more difficult this is. Until they are old enough to be left alone, things have to get done with a baby on your hip. But there are ways to make the most of this time. When the rubber ducks come out for bathtime, so can the rubber gloves. Who says we can’t scrub and watch?

The Miracle of Freezing

Dinner time may well be the most stressful part of any mom’s day. But there is a way to come home to fresh home-cooked meals for you and your little one, without the fuss. Too often we underestimate the power of the freezer. Take Sunday afternoon to prep meals for the upcoming week. Most foods freeze well, including fruits/veggies and meats. Fill heavy duty freezer bags with all the ingredients for your favorite stew or spaghetti sauce, add your spices and broth, and store it away. In the morning, plop the mixtures into the slow cooker and come home to food you and your children can feel good about, without the mess!

Stock the Car

There are essentials that every parent needs to get through any day out with the rugrats. Rather than running around to prepare bags, checking items off as the time closes in on you, buy duplicates to keep in the car. The usual suspects will always be right where you need them this way — from sunscreen, to bandaids, to books, or even snacks.

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