Actress Thandie Newton is doing all she can to raise her girls in a world where women are empowered. The mother of three gave birth to her first boy this year, but was no stranger to motherhood, already having 2 daughters, aged 14 and 10.


Believe it or not, Thandie headed to Ghana to aid in HIV relief for pregnant women just months after giving birth to her third child at 41. She told Daily mail, “I feel really energised and in the prime of my life.” The English actress also pointed out that it helps that she has an involved husband at home, as well as two big sisters for Booker who are like “little mums.”

The elder, Ripley, was named for the strong female character Ellen Ripley in the Alien film series, and the younger Nico, named after the highly influential German songstress who rose to fame in the 1960s. It’s no surprise then that the girls have become instrumental to how Thandie picks her roles. She told Sparkly News, “Something that has changed the roles I take is having daughters. It’s so important to see empowered women in these stories, and I’m constantly frustrated by the lack of diversity in films and TV shows.”

The Crash star admitted that she does ruin a lot of movies for her children by pointing out there misgivings in these departments. This included Frozen, which she argued lacked multiculturalism. But there is a method to her madness. Thandie is set on making sure her children are aware of these issues. After all, things cannot change if people do not recognize them as being problematic.

The actress also discussed the significance of feminist theory. “I see all the most famous feminist thinkers as human rights activists, too.” In a very bold statement, Thandie went on to add, “Women are the most important resource on the planet, and if we want to thrive, we’ve got to protect and empower women.”

Her passion for the subject is very apparent, and stems from her own experiences.

“In the media when I was little there was no one who represented me, and it’s so sad. It hasn’t changed as much as it should.” She continued, “And we need more empowered women, women who are conductors of their own futures. It’s so odd to see weak women in films – it’s like, who is that? I don’t know any women like that.”

Thandie has three children in all-two daughters and a son.


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