Discipline is one of those things that can be hard for every parent.


Sometimes it can be easier to lay out rules than it is to enforce them. It can also be easy not to follow some of your own rules. Here are 5 rules that will help you and your children.

1. No more haggling- You’re not trying to purchase a car, you’re trying to raise a little person. Options can sometimes be a pitfall when it comes to trying to get a picky toddler to eat their veggies or put on a coat when it’s cold out.

2. Turn work off- If you can turn off the work, you are not only leading my example but also able to spend more time with your kids.

3. Everyone works- If you are busy with chores and little people are seeking your attention at the same time, have them grab a broom and help out. You’ve killed two birds with one stone. You’ve beat the boredom bug and you’ve got extra hands to help you clean.

4. No more whining- If you can use a calm tone even when frustrated you can teach your kids how to stay calm when they get frustrated. This will help prevent whining and screaming for everyone.

5. No more being bored- Trying entertain kids every single second of the day is an impossible task. Teach your kids how to entertain themselves by playing games, reading books or using their imagination with their toys.

What are some rules that work for you and your kids?

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