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Summer is coming to a close, and celebrity parents are preparing their schedules for another school year. The season, however , cannot end without a reflection on the jaw-dropping headlines that made us take a double look. Here are a few snippets of those stories that made you say, “Whoa!”



1.) North West makes modeling debut.

We all knew this was coming but it sort of caught us by surprise. Kim and Kanye West’s daughter made her modeling debut earlier this month as one of the stars of CR Fashion Book. The little one wore Chanel cashmere along with pearl earrings for her fashion premiere. North was perfectly poised for her photo shoot.


2.) Tia responds to Cree’s critics

This hairstyle received a lot of attention after many critics said that Cree looked like a girl while sporting it. Tia responded by telling fans and foes, “I am proud to have a SON that embraces his natural hair. Hair length does not define your sex. Last I checked a penis and a vagina does.”


3.) Sherri Shepherd says ‘good-bye’ to ‘The View’ with son by her side.

A lot has happened to Sherri Shepherd these past few months but nothing was more touching to see than her departure from ‘The View.’ The co-host bid her final farewell from the show after seven years of service, and she had her son, Jeffrey, by her side. “I didn’t want to take this job,” said the star. “I have to say my boss Barbara Walters pushed me. I cried in my dressing room for three years saying, ‘What am I doing on this table? I don’t know what I’m doing!'” Sherri did a lot of talking during her final appearance but her son had the last words in the end.


4.) Sherri Saum and husband introduce sons.

John and Michael stole the spotlight when their mom and dad presented them to the world in a basket. “Michael is full of buzzy energy and can barely contain himself. John is my zen Buddha boy. Very observant and mellow. He’s always looking at Michael like, ‘Bro, could you calm yourself, please,'” said Sherri of her sons.


5.) Malia mingles at Lollapalooza

Many could not believe their eyes as the eldest daughter of President and First Lady Obama stood nearby at this year’s Lollapalooza festival. One fan tweeted about his close encounter with the president’s daughter saying, “BRUH IM RIGHT BY MALIA OBAMA AT CHANCE THE RAPPER AND THERE’S SECRET SERVICE AND STUFF THIS IS CRAAAAAY.” Another attendee had the pleasure of taking a picture with the teen. That is crazy cool!

Zoe Saldana and Marco Perego leave LAX on their way to Paris

6.) Zoe Saldana confirms pregnancy

We figured the rumors to be true but didn’t want to be too presumptuous. Zoe confirmed her and husband Marc Perego’s expectancy during an interview with The Hollywood Reporter. She also discussed her decision to marry quickly instead of wait it out. “As soon as we decided we were going to get married, we didn’t wait,” said the star. “We did it three weeks later. That part was very, very quick.”

7.) Master P responds to custody woes

He missed a hearing that caused him to lose custody of his minor children. A few weeks later, Master P shared his story with Wendy Williams along with his plans to showcase his family on a reality show. “The difference with me, that I feel like right now, is that my life has been a big secret. People never got a chance to see how the Millers really live. And this is a fun show, as a single father raising his kids. It’s funny,” said the star.


8.) Nia Long and son visit the White House

The Single Moms Club star received a special invitation to dine with the Obamas and was encouraged to bring a guest. Of course, she brought her  Massai along, and was the nervous mom who prepped her son before his big meeting. “At one point Barack said to Massai, ‘Wow, you’re a handsome young man.’ And [Massai] said, ‘Thank You,'” said Long. “And [the President] says, ‘Are you doing well in school?’ And [Massai] said, ‘Yeah.’ I said, ‘Not ‘Yeah,’ you say ‘Yes.’ And Barack was like, ‘Not it’s okay. ‘Yeah’ is cool.’ I said, ‘It is not cool.'”


9.) Columbus Short ordered to pay $4,000 per month in child support

Short lost big in court in June after a judge ordered him to pay estranged wife Tanee $4,542 per month in child support for their daughter, Ayala. The former ‘Scandal’ star was also ordered to pay Tanee $17,005 per month in spousal support.

Taye Diggs

10.) Idris Menzel opens up about life after Taye Diggs

The actress told media that dating is a challenge with a 4-year-old son. “It all sucks,” said Idina. “I don’t want to keep introducing [Walker] to people and having him form bonds and then take them away, you know? It’s bad enough his mom and dad are getting divorced.”



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