As the youngest talk show host in history, Keke Palmer, 20, continues to break ground. Reaching her ambitions and staying true to herself are very important to Keke, and her religious beliefs.


She recently spoke to Christian Post about how growing up in a Christian household helped her develop into an independent Christian woman. As such, she acknowledges her imperfections, and even embraces them as a part of growing up. “I think that’s the whole point to Christianity. You have to live your life in order to understand God. It’s not about walking around trying to be perfect or going by a rule book.” For Keke, being able to make our own mistakes is all part of God’s plan. “That’s how unbelievable the level of God’s love is for us. It’s that he’s willing to allow us to go our whole life in darkness because in the end we turn back to Him anyway.”

On BET’s “Just Keke”, the young star is happy to say she is letting her own personality shine through, even if some viewers aren’t happy with it. Defending her decision to respond to negative comments on Twitter, she said “I feel like people don’t realize that as a person who has ‘popularity’ there are a lot of things that are always said and put out about you. I want to join in the conversation as well and express how I feel about it.” She explained further, “I don’t believe it’s right for me not to express what I feel because you’re ‘not worth my time’ or ‘I’m bigger than this.’ We should express how we feel because if I keep what I feel in and don’t speak about what I feel strongly about then I’m doing myself a disservice.”

On the topic of dating, Keke told CP that her busy career makes it quite difficult. “I think it’s hard to have a love life in general when you’re focused. I’m a very ambitious person and I think a lot of times it’s hard to find somebody that matches that same ambition.”

But needless to say, that ambition has taken her very far. From a poor Chicago neighbourhood, Keke became a child star who has transitioned into a fully fledged actress, and now a TV personality with a bright future. She stated, “I feel like at the age I am now, I really do want to do coming of age stories because that’s what I feel needs to be expressed for my generation at this time. I choose to take roles that I feel challenge me, not stuff that I’ve already done before. It’s only normal for my roles to change because I’ve changed.”

The star noted, “I am from a poor neighborhood, I am an African American and I was not supposed to be able to do this”, proudly Keke added, “But still I did it.”

You can catch “Just Keke” weekdays at 5pm on BET.

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