It is a special day for teen celebrity Jaden Smith. Today is his 16th birthday! Having famous parents has thrust Jaden into the spotlight since he came into the world. Some of his best moments have been captured on social media and have given fans a look into what’s going on in his mind. In honor of Jaden’s 16th birthday, here are 16 of his best, and sometimes funny, quotes.


16. “Commit To Love Not To People, Commit To Happiness Because When You Commit To People The Love Leaves And You Are Forced To Stay.”

15. “People Think A RelationShip Makes You Whole, That It’s Two 50%’s Coming Together To Make 100% When It Should Be Two 100%’s Making 200%.”

14. “20 Slizered Unicorns XxYxŸ.”

13. “And If You Ask Me They Have About 5 More Years Until That Entire Industry Is A Graveyard.”

12. “Don’t Let People Tell You Jack. #Live.”

11. “You Can Discover Everything You Need To Know About Everything By Looking At Your Hands.”

10. “Jealousy Just Reassures Your Love.”

9. “Pay Attention To The Numbers In Your Life They Are Vastly Important.”

8.”Instagram Depresses Me.”

7. “The Current Population Of Earth Is 7,124,102,180.”

6. “If You Turned The State Of Alabama Into One Giant Farm, The Land Area Could Grow Enough Food To Support 10 billion People.”

5. “You Would Have To Eat 5 Apples Today To Get The Same Nutritional Value As An Apple From 1950. #Fallow.”

4. “Trees Are Never Sad Look At Them Every Once In Awhile They’re Quite Beautiful.”

3. “If Everybody In The World Dropped Out Of School We Would Have A Much More Intelligent Society.”

2. “If Newborn Babies Could Speak They Would Be The Most Intelligent Beings On Planet Earth.”

Last year when Jaden turned 15, a friend wished him a Happy Birthday to which he responded, ” ‘It’s Your Birthday” Mateo Said. I Didn’t Respond. ‘Are You Not Excited To Be 15’ He Asked. Reading My Book I Uttered ‘I Turned 15 Long Ago.’ ”

Photo: Facebook

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