Claudette Ortiz is a mom who loves her children to no end. The singer and model recently sat down with to talk about her career and did a bit of doting on her little ones who give her few troubles.

"My children are great," said the star. "My children are my everything, they are wonderful kids, they are very well behaved, they love their mommy and to listen to me sing or to see me do certain things. They think it’s hilarious when they see me on TV. When they hear one of my songs they love to listen to it. They are very intelligent children and they’re loving and polite. Of course they have their little moments because they’re growing and they’re people too. But they are amazing children I was blessed to be their mother," explained Ortiz.

Claudette also commented on the possibility of her kids becoming career entertainers like her, saying, "All 3 of them can sing...But they don’t have a desire to do it professionally. They just love music and they enjoy and singing and playing with instruments and dancing but they don’t want to make it a career they have different agendas I can tell already at their young age."

Claudette Ortiz has three kids-sons Daunte,10, and Joel,8, and daughter Bella,5- in all.



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