Alicia Keys has crossed many hurdles in her career and has motherhood to thank. The star recently told media that her expectancy of Egypt Dean changed her perspective and caused her to disassociate herself with people who didn't wish her well.

"The minute I knew I was pregnant, I wanted to clear the energy around me. I didn't want people in my life who weren't nice to me," said the artist. Alicia went on to explain, "Women handle so much and it's a lot of pressure. Becoming a mom has put things into perspective. I stand up for myself way more now."

Keys has told media that her son wants to be onstage like her, asking for his moment in the spotlight while accompanying mom on her 'Girl On Fire' tour. "He has amazing rhythm and he asks me to get on stage," said the singer. "Every night, he’s like, ‘Can I come on stage? Can I dance?’ So I’m trying to figure out the moment to do it but the moment that’s good is kinda past his bedtime."

Alicia and husband Swizz Beatz have one child together. The couple wed over a year ago.



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