Cynthia Bailey has a lot going on in her life, but nothing is more important than family for the ‘Atlanta Housewives’ beauty. Bailey recently sat down with to talk about her career and family ventures that include her husband, daughter, and daughter’s father.


Juggling time between family and ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta.’

“It’s hard, but we try to set aside Sunday as family day, Saturday is like my Noelle day, and Monday through Friday is pretty much our work time, between filming, and our businesses. It’s a struggle to sometimes make time for Saturday and Sunday, and holidays of course.”

About Noelle wanting to go back to school.

“She totally sold me down the river on that one! I think with editing she didn’t get to finish her thoughts, I knew she did not want to be at the school where she was at any longer, and because I took her out kind of abruptly and home school seemed like the easiest option at the time. Many of the schools that were in my district had waiting list, so in the interim she still needed some type of schooling. I also really liked having her around, so it was nice to have her spend time with my work schedule. In my mind I thought we would be best friends, travel with me on my press tours, and while still doing her homework. After a while that whole great idea got a little old to a 12 year old. We ended putting her back in school, and I dropped her off this morning.”

On having a great relationship with her husband and child’s father.

“When Peter met me, he shortly met Noelle-I’m a package deal. There wasn’t a whole lot to negotiate, and with Noelle, comes her father. Simply said we’re a package deal and it goes the same for whoever comes into in his life, and they would have to understand that. Essentially if it’s for the greater good of Noelle, then we will just have to all come together and if it works for her, then it makes sense. I like for her father to stay with us when he comes to Atlanta, because I think I have a little bit of guilt because I moved to Atlanta and I never wanted to inconvenience him to see her. Now he has to fly here, and the whole nine yards, if it makes it easier for him to stay here, I don’t care, as long as he is spending time with Noelle. I like to work with him and not against him.”

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