If you are keeping up with the Kardashians on their hit Hulu television series, The Kardashians, then you already know that Khloe and Kim had a heated exchange on a recent episode over mom-shaming. And for those that aren’t following the show, let us recap for you!


The drama seemed to start with Kim being offended and calling out Khloe for comments that she made about her six-year-old daughter, Chicago’s hair.

In a confessional moment, Kim explained that she felt as if her sister used a “condescending” tone with her when Khloe called and asked if she could fix Chicago’s hair.

“I had a really hard week, so I said to my mom, ‘Can you please watch my two little ones? I’ll send them over and can you get them ready for school?'” Kim recalled in the confessional. “Chicago put in this hair gel in her hair on her way out the door, and I was like, honestly, who cares? My mom can slick her hair in a ponytail, put it in a — who cares!”

Kim adds, “So Khloé FaceTimes me and is like, ‘I had to go over to mom’s and help her get your kids ready, and Chicago’s hair! The hair gel!'”

When Kim confronted her sister, who was really unaware that there was any drama to begin with, the newly minted 40-year-old said, “All I said was, ‘Do you mind if I do Chicago’s hair?’ Because you are very particular.”

The SKIMS founder wasn’t satisfied with Khloe’s response and she snapped.

“I know her hair looked s—-y,” Kim replied. “Thank you for reminding me that I didn’t have the time to do her f—ing hair one night before bed and wash it.”

Khloe, maintaining that she was just trying to help her sister, told the mother-of-four that it seemed as if she were projecting her own parenting insecurities on to Khloe.

From that point, if things didn’t seem like they could get worse, they did! Kim ended up further insulting her sister saying that, she “… wouldn’t have such a stick up your a– over hair gel if you lived your life a little bit. It’s just crazy. Interact with other human beings besides the children and your family all day long.”

Khloe, in her own confessional moment, defended herself saying that her sister was “reverse mom-shaming.”

“Talk about mom-shaming! What the f— are you doing to me? It’s just reverse mom-shaming. You’re shaming me for being a helicopter mom or whatever you want to call me, and you’re claiming I’m shaming you for not being more of a strict parent or whatever you’re claiming at this point — that you’re not brushing Chi’s hair. Which obviously you brush Chicago’s hair! There’s just a lot of f—ing gel.”

This isn’t the first time that Khloe’s family has accused her of spending too much time with her children and not enough time being out and about socializing with others. And of course, they repeatedly portray her as a “helicopter mom,” saying that she is too stringent of a parent and needs to relax.

The two middle sisters ended their exchange not necessarily on good terms, but we do know that Kim helped her sister ring in the big 4-0. So, make sure to tune-in and catch the next episode of The Kardashians to see how this disagreement plays out. New episodes of the The Kardashians air on Thursday’s on Hulu.


Photo: Kim Kardashian Instagram; Khloe Kardashian Instagram

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Tiffany Silva

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