Chrisean Rock shared a heartwarming moment with her baby boy, Chrisean Jr., on Instagram live on Sunday.

During the live, the rapper serenaded her son with a gospel song in an attempt to lull him to sleep.


However, what should have been a touching moment between a mother and her son turned into a source of concern for some fans.

Rather than enjoying the sweet moment, some fans couldn’t help but express worry over the baby’s “cat-like” cries.

Some individuals went as far as suggesting that the baby might have “cri du chat syndrome,” a rare genetic disorder characterized by a distinctive cat-like cry.

This wasn’t the first time that fans have raised concerns over Chrisean Jr.’s cries. In September, Chrisean addressed similar speculations directly on Instagram Live, vehemently refuting that her son has cri du chat syndrome.

She stated firmly, “My baby is healthy. They would have told me if he had symptoms. He’s healthy bro.”

So what exactly is Cri du chat syndrome? Cri du chat is a rare genetic disorder caused by a missing section on Chromosome 5. Statistics show that approximately one in every 50,000 babies is diagnosed with this disorder.

Common symptoms in a newborn with Cri du Chat Syndrome include a high-pitched, cat-like cry or weak cry, low birth weight, a small head, a rounded face, and a broad, flattened bridge of the nose. The impact of this syndrome can vary, but most affected children experience delayed development and some level of intellectual disability.

While there is currently no cure for Cri du Chat Syndrome, various treatments can help children with the disorder reach their full potential.

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