Summer is in full swing and many parents are getting ready to hit the road with their young ones in tow. Although, it may be “vacation,” many parents are actually anxious and overwhelmed about traveling with children before they even get on the plane, train, or in the automobile. Here are a few tips on traveling with young children this summer that will help make this year’s vacation a perfect 10!

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Organization is key
It sounds very simple, but can be hard for parents to actually get done. Make a list, check it twice, and pack early! Founder of London Mums Fitness, Sarah Campus says that she try’s to “make sure I am all packed up a few days before including the kids changing bag for the airport. I have a list (one of many) then I add to it when I remember things I need and then I would tick it off the night before to make sure I don’t miss anything.”

Communicate with your young travelers
Talking to your kids about the adventure that lies ahead will help them prepare for their trip and know what to expect. Talk about any fears that they might have. Answer any questions about the flight or drive. Let them add a few things to the itinerary that they want to do. After all, it is their vacation too!

When the trip is short, travel light
Try to always travel lightly when the trip is short. Make sure to pack the essentials in one bag per person. If you are flying, make sure that you chose the carry on option instead of you can. Ensuring that you are packing light for your short trip will give you a chance to have your hands free-ish for the kiddos!


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Dress in bright colors
Campus recommends that parents should dress their children in bright colors while traveling. This makes it easier to spot them asap in a crowd!

Bring snacks and something so that you can go hands-free
Bringing snacks can definitely be a big help while traveling with littles. And for that matter, big ones too! Snacks can not only keep kids fed so that they won’t go hungry but entertained as well. Additionally, make sure that you take a stroller or baby carrier with you if needed. You want a place to put your children so that they don’t tire while walking. And of course, you can take a break from carrying them around because kids will not want to walk all the time.

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Campus recommends that if it all goes south, despite the preparation, stay calm and don’t worry!

“Stay calm and collected as kids will feed off you. Reassure kids and comfort and calm them if tantrums arise. If you can distract and remove them for a situation then do so.”

She concludes, “Don’t worry about anyone else. you’re responsible for the well-being of your children and yourself. Be respectful but don’t waste your time worrying what others think.”

Happy and safe summer travels!

Tiffany Silva

Tiffany Silva

Writer and Editor

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