Brian McKnight is currently trending on Twitter after old posts resurfaced in which he seemingly only claims the children he shares with his current wife, Leilani Mendoza.

In one such post, he referred to his stepdaughter as the “best daughter ever,” sparking outrage among some users who pointed out that he has another daughter from a previous relationship.


One Twitter user called Brian a “nasty soul” and criticized his caption, saying, “You literally already have a daughter. A black one.” Another user commented on Brian’s decision to name his newborn son after himself, despite already having an adult son with the same name, calling him “diabolical.” Yet another user accused Brian of abandoning his previous family in favor of his new wife and stepchildren.

“So Brian McKnight was married to Julie McKnight, had 2 sons, Brian Jr. and Niko with her, cheated on her with Patricia Driver and had a daughter, Briana McKnight, who Julie treated like her own – disowned ALL OF THEM – got a new wife and step kids and didn’t look back. Jesus.”

Brian has previously responded to accusations of abandoning his biological children. In a 2019 video, he denied these claims and defended himself, saying, “I’m not abandoning them. We are estranged.”

He further stated that he has never missed a day of child support and has never done anything adverse to his biological children. 

“It’s crazy to me that people will just believe anything. It was important to let you guys know and set the record straight […] These kids are 30 and 27, not 12. It’s time for grown men to be grown men and I’m sorry that tough love happens to be this way, and I do wish them the best.”


In a recent post, McKnight reaffirmed his stance on not abandoning his children, saying, “Not sure how these posts that have been sitting here this whole time were left out of the false narrative that is trending. Abandonment? There’s always more to every story. Stay tuned.”

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