If you haven’t seen the new Netflix docuseries, Harry & Meghan, it gives viewers an in depth look into the lives of the couple and their world. In a new episode of the docuseries, Markle questions “are my babies safe?” as she recalls how a multitude of death threats against her affected her life and left her questioning whether she and her family, more importantly, her children, safe.

As a result of stories printed about her in the tabloids and media, Markle says that people actually believed these negative stories and their ire turned into wanting to see her dead.


“I think for people to really understand, you know, when you plant a seed that is so hateful, what it can grow into,” the 41-year-old said in the episode.

She continued, “Just a couple of days ago, I was going through the manual for our security team at home, and on one of the pages that I happened to flip to, it was about online monitoring. And they’re like: ‘If you see a tweet like this, please report it to the head of security immediately.’ And it just said: ‘Meghan just needs to die. Someone needs to kill her. Maybe it should be me.’ “

“And I was just like, ‘Okay.’ That’s, like, what’s actually out in the world because of people creating hate.”

Photo Credit: Alexi Lubomirski/People Magazine

Markle continued focusing on the threats thinking about them not only harming her but her entire family as she and Prince Harry are parents to three-year-old Archie Harrison and one-year-old daughter Lilibet Diana.

“I’m a mom. That’s my real life. And that’s the piece when you see it and you go, ‘You are making people want to kill me. It’s not just a tabloid. It’s not just some story. You are making me scared.’ Right?” she said.

“That night, to be up and down in the middle of the night, looking down my hallway, like, ‘Are we safe? Are the doors locked? Is security on? Is every— that’s real. ‘Are my babies safe?’ And you’ve created it for what? Because you’re bored or because it sells your papers or it makes you feel better about your own life? It’s real what you’re doing. And that’s the piece I don’t think people fully understand.”

If you have not heard of what all the new docuseries entails, here is a brief synopsis according to Netflix.

From their courtship to their exit from royal life, Harry and Meghan share their complex journey in their own words in this docuseries.

Harry & Meghan is a limited six-part series, streaming now.



Photo Credit(s)/Featured Image: Alexi Lubomirski/People Magazine; Meghan Markle Instagram

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