Ayesha Curry is an actress, cookbook author, and cooking television host of her own show, Ayesha’s Homemade, on the Food Network. She is also the wife of Golden State Warrior, Stephen Curry. And mother to three beautiful children: Riley (ten-years-old), Ryan (seven-years-old), and Canon (four-years-old). Recently, Curry sat down with Parents.com to talk about how she is teaching her kids to not only be kind to others, but to themselves as well through her philanthropic example via the Curry foundation, Eat. Learn. Play.


Curry told Parents.com, at Town & Country’s ninth annual Philanthropy Summit in New York City, that her children want to follow in their parents’ footsteps and shadow them on their philanthropic endeavors even when they cannot.

“Now it’s interesting because it’s to the point where they want to help so much that we have to kind of explain to them sometimes why they can’t come with us to certain things. I feel like it’s just a part of the way that we’re raising them. It’s a part of the way that we were raised. And so, it’s becoming a part of our DNA now, which I think is really important for us to instill in our children so that it can be passed down from generation to generation.”

The Eat. Learn. Play. Foundation was launched in 2019. The mission of the foundation was to give children in Oakland, California, safe spaces to play, free meals, and give them access to books. In addition to the foundation, the couple opened their first of 150 libraries in their city. 

“Kids were struggling before and now it’s even worse when it comes to literacy,” said Curry. “And by third grade, if kids aren’t reading at their reading level, they’re kind of set up to fail. That’s just not fair.”

The CEO of Eat. Learn. Play., Chris Helfrich, highlighted that focusing on literacy alone won’t fix the problem that young people are facing. He stated that is why the foundation has a multifaceted approach including: nutrition, education, and physical activity as well.

“These issues are interconnected, and so a child’s ability to become a great reader is hindered if he or she doesn’t have access to the nutritious food that they need, and the same in terms of physical mental health. Kids in Oakland and kids around the country need that badly right now.”

Curry goes on to say that even though she is teaching her children kindness and to help others, she is also teaching them something that she forgot herself…to make sure to take care and be kind to themselves as well.

“That’s something that I forgot about for a really long time,” she said. “The self-kindness aspect of life, I feel like my husband’s always done that. But for a while, as a mom, I forgot about it.”

Now, Curry is rectifying her self-care because she knows that her children are watching.

“I make sure that they’re able to see those moments, whether it’s self-care, or whether it’s loving my body, or just being kind to myself, not putting myself down. I forgot for a while to be careful of what comes out of my mouth about myself. It’s something that I’m paying really close attention to now.”

Ayesha is unquestionably an amazing parent that is not only setting a great example for her kids, but giving us all something to remember…kindness for others and self goes a very long way!


Photo Credit(s): (Featured Image) Ayesha Curry Instagram; Ayesha Curry Instagram

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