Having an American Girl Doll for many, including adults, is a rite of passage. The dolls morphed from just a “doll” to collectors items that all tell historical stories via their very own hardback books. The American Girl Doll became a phenomenon and expanded their stores into cafe spots, memes, etc. etc. Recently, the company released one of their newest members of the family, Claudie Wells. Meet Claudie, the new American Girl Doll that is a must-have for so many reasons.

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According to Vogue Magazine, the new American Girl Doll’s story was brought to life by New York Times best-selling African-American author, Brit Bennett. Claudie’s fashion sense and style was shaped by Harlem’s Fashion Row (HFR) designer Sammy B, (Samantha Black).


“My sister and I grew up playing with the dolls,” Bennett told Vogue columnist Laia Garcia-Furtado in an interview. “They had a software where you could write your own plays using the character, and we put on a play at the public library that was an American Girl–themed play.”

Bennett continued, “I knew that I wanted to write about this boarding house in Harlem because it felt sort of weirdly paralleled to this moment we’re currently living through. These people were coming out of a pandemic, these people were coming out of a war. You’re in this moment where you’ve experienced this cataclysmic event and then life just kept going, and what happened next?”

Photo Credit: American Girl Doll

So just what is Claudie’s story? Well, she’s lives in a boardinghouse during the Harlem Renaissance with her mother, a reporter, her baker father, and a younger brother. She is always surrounded by a group of creatives that  include: a musician, a painter, and a vaudeville singer, among others, who also share the boardinghouse. And, let’s not forget that she has a lovable dog to keep her companyband killer wardrobe.

Photo Credit: American Girl Doll

In the same interview with Vogue, Sammy B, (Samantha Black), told the fashion magazine that she created outfits for Claudie which all captured the beautiful essence of 1920s Harlem, combining her own zeal for bold colors and relatable shapes.

“When I think of the Harlem Renaissance, I think of glam. Whether people were poor or rich, they showed their creativity through their sense of style.”

Photo Credit: American Girl Doll

To check out any and all things Claudie, click here to visit her page on the American Girl Doll website. We have a feeling that you will be bringing Claudie into your family soon!

Tiffany Silva

Tiffany Silva

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