Alexis Skyy (sometimes spelled “Alexis Sky”) is calling out her baby’s father Brandon Medford again, this time for not visiting their daughter while she is in the hospital.  Earlier today, the former Love and Hip Hop (LHH) star revealed in an Instagram post that her daughter Alaiya Grace has been in the hospital for five days and Medford has visited her only once.


Alaiya suffers from hydrocephalus, which causes bleeding and fluid in the brain. In the past, Alaiya has had to have surgery to repair a malfunctioning implant in her brain that helps drain blood and fluids.

Alexis writes, “It’s pondering that a man that claim he so into God, went out the other night, claiming to be this holy person but his daughter in the hospital for 5 days and only came to see her once. He won’t return my phone calls or text but on social media. It’s been 5 months since your daughter seen you and this is what you do. I try my best to co-parent so Lay Lay will never grow up and say I kept her from her dad. I have not been able to eat or sleep as I lay next to Lay Lay in the hospital bed which is fine [because] as a parent, we have to make sacrifices to make sure our kids are good.

She continues, “You constantly keep coming in and out of her life and I should have never let your narcissistic self come see her just that one day now she asking where are you. I would think by you recently losing your mother, that would bring you closer to her but it hasn’t. Do you really think God will bless a father that don’t take care of his child, painting his false facade succeed. Trying to lead people and your water not clean.”

The business woman then goes on to share why she felt the need to air her grievances on social media.

She writes, “I never wanted to even go to social media but to see you post all this hypocritical post daily kills me having these young black men think your a Good father or a leader. You might be to your other kids but not to Alaiya which is fine but it’s time for people to know who you truly are I have gave you chance after chance to step up and do right I don’t need a penny from you but for you to be here during this crucial moment Our past is our past and this has nothing to do with Lay Lay, where is your heart. God has an amazing way to humble us. Mark your days.”

Adding, “I been in the hospital for 5 days losing my mind I wasn’t trying to come on here but this is the only way to get his attention which I’m officially done I’m leaving in Gods Hands.”

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