As students have now begun to settle into the new school year, many of teachers are sounding-off with great advice that all parents should hear! Take a look below at a few tips for a successful start to the school year and beyond.

Keep your emotions in check


Children listen adult conversations and unquestionably internalize everything that they hear. If you are saying something negative about your child’s teacher, then they will undoubtedly express that negativity in class. If you are feeling anxious about some aspect of their classroom, your child will know it and express that anxiety as well. See the trend? Children are sponges and absorb everything. Be positive, no matter what, and help your child start off on a good foot.

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Create a solid routine and stick to it

Sticking to a solid routine for your child is extremely important. Making sure that they know exactly what you expect from the routine is even more so at the top of the list. Develop good routines like when they are allowed to watch TV during the week, video games, homework, chores, and sleep. It is important to make sure that they have a balance between fun and work. Let them help you develop their routine. That will not only make sure that they are invested in the routine, but it will create some bonding time together as well.

Don’t jump to conclusions

All children develop at different paces. If you think your child should be in an advanced group and they are not, or the other way around, before you jump to conclusions, ask the teacher! Teachers are there the experts in this situation and can assess and ensure that your child is exactly where they need to be in order to be successful in the classroom.

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Encourage your kids to join clubs or extra-curricular activities

Most schools have either lunchtime and/or after-school activities that encompass a multitude of interests that range from sports to drama to languages and beyond. Have your children get involved. This will allow them to get involved in an interest and meet new people. For older kids, such as high schoolers, remember, colleges look at what else students have been involved in outside the classroom. 

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Become active in your children’s school

Not all parents can volunteer on a daily basis, but you can show up to things like open house, school fairs, etc. Get to know the teacher and make sure that they know the lines of communication are open. Even if you are not a volunteer on a daily basis on campus, try to find ways that fit your schedule to take an active role in your child’s education. This not only shows their teacher that you are interested, it also shows your children that you are invested.

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