Black Friday officially kicks-off the holiday season with shopping deals all around. It also kicks-off that special time of the year when Santa’s favorite helper comes to report to Santa about how good the kids of the house are. If your Elf on The Shelf has been a part of the family for a few seasons now, you are probably out of ideas as to what to do with the little pixie. Fortunately, Romper and others have shared some fresh new ideas to take your Elf on The Shelf game to the next level this year! Here are five Elf on The Shelf ideas to help if you are out of ideas for this Christmas season.

1. Elf Selfie


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If we can pose for holiday pics, so can he or she! Take a pic of your child’s Elf on The Shelf, frame it, and pose your elf next to his special work of art. This might be one picture that the kids decide to keep up all year long.

2. Elf Twister

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Who doesn’t love a game of Twister? Well, take one of the world’s favorite games and let your Elf play too! This cute mini Twister game  can be found at PositivePaperie’s Etsy store. You can buy a set of 12 cards which will help you to create all sorts of fun.

3. Countdown to Christmas

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Helping your kids count down to Christmas is something that your elf can join in on. What is more fun that creating a bucket list to check off when you all wait until the big day! Click here to print out materials, instructions, and your bucket list!

4. Let’s get physical!

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Everyone needs to get moving to help keep in shape, that includes elves too! All you need is a computer, your elf, a piece of felt, and a downloadable image of the elf exercise class! It make sense…they have to keep in shape too in order to help make and deliver all of those awesome toys this year.

5. Elf in the snow

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If you can’t head out into the snow and make snow angels of your own, then there’s nothing better than letting your Elf on The Shelf make them inside. You can use sprinkles, candy, four, or rice to simulate the snow.

Want more Elf on The Shelf fun for this holiday season, visit for games for the kids, parent blogs, and more.

Tiffany Silva

Tiffany Silva

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