"Ohhhhhh Erica"

Erica Mena is sending her estranged husband, Safaree, a message about her desire to have his support during her pregnancy. The Love and Hip Hop (LHH) star recently posted a message on Instagram that some took as Mena’s effort to shame Safaree.


Erica used social media influencers DeVale and Khadeen Ellis’s pregnancy update to bring up the notion of support. DeVale shared a video clip of his wife enjoying a meal at what appeared to either be a shopping plaza or mall. The expectant influencer hilariously spoke of the support he gives his wife as she enjoyed her meal. Khadeen looked at her husband at one point during filming as if she were annoyed. The pregnant star, however, expressed joy soon after, which led fans to praise the couple for putting their love on display.

Erica Mena also praised the couple with particular attention to DeVale. “Lord! Please continue to protect the men you created like this,” the LHH star shared in an edited video clip of the cute moment shared to her Instagram page. “The appreciation, consideration given to a pregnant woman is soooo appreciated,” Mena exclaimed.

Many caught wind of Erica’s apparent subliminal message to Safaree and responded. “Erica and Khadeen are two different types of women,” one social media critic shared upon seeing Erica’s edited video clip. “Let’s remember Erica will physically and verbally abuse a man quick,” the Instagram user added. “None of her relationships have been successful and I refuse to believe it’s every man and not her. Not saying she doesn’t deserve respect but you also gotta give it and her track record isn’t that great.”

Another critic wrote, “Stop using other people to sub your baby daddy that you chose.” Still, another online user said, “I know she is not trying to compare her relationship to theirs 😂😂😂 ohhhhhh Erica.”

Erica Mena responded to the negativity she received online after commending DeVale for caring for his wife. “It’s a pleasure keeping you trolls busy,” Mena wrote. “Have a blessed week you miserable fools.”

Safaree and Erica Mena are expecting their second child together. Erica filed to divorce her husband a few weeks ago after less than two years of marriage. Safaree responded to his wife’s request for marriage dissolution with petitions for joint custody of their daughter, Safire Majesty, and a request to witness the birth of their second child.

Erica recently accused Safaree of stressing her to the degree of hospitalization. According to court documents obtained by TMZ,

“[Safaree] has failed to be involved in her care or to visit her at the hospital during her most recent stay, where she remained overnight for many days related to her pregnancy. … [His request for shared custody was done] in hopes of obtaining ‘good publicity’ and painting [Erica] as the instigator, while in actuality, [Erica’s] the only parent ensuring the parties’ children’s safety and acting in their best interest.”

Erica Mena is expected to give birth in the coming weeks.

Photo: Erica Mena/Instagram



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