This Is Us star, Lonnie Chavis, is about to hit the big screen in his new project. The talented teen sat down with LRM Online to dish about his lead role in The Water Man.

During his online interview, Chavis discusses, “what it was like for him to take on the lead role in the film, …his admiration for David Oyelowo and how he was able to guide him through the filming process.” Chavis also chatted with LRM Online about some of the challenging shots that he took part in.


Still can’t pin down exactly what The Water Man is all about? Well, check out this synopsis of the film that is directed by David Oyelowo himself.

Gunner (Lonnie Chavis) sets out on a quest to save his ill mother (Rosario Dawson) by searching for a mythic figure who possesses the secret to immortality, the Water Man. After enlisting the help of a mysterious local girl, Jo (Miller), they journey together into the remote Wild Horse forest — but the deeper they venture, the stranger and more dangerous the forest becomes. Their only hope for rescue is Gunner’s father (David Oyelowo), who will stop at nothing to find them and in the process will discover who his son really is.

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In addition to speaking to LRM Online, Chavis is making the rounds speaking about his new movie, which debuted on Netflix, May 7th. Previously, he spoke with THR about the project, here is a snippet of what he had to say to them as well.

Why was this a film you wanted to be a part of?

I can relate to this film. I feel like if you had a loved one that was ill or sick, you would definitely do anything for them. I mean, Gunner got chased by horses, he went to go find the Water Man who was seven feet tall. I definitely feel I can relate to this and everybody can relate to this.

This was your first feature film, how did it compare to other projects you’ve worked on?

I was very comfortable on the set. Everybody on the set allowed me to be a kid and allowed me to be a professional. The leader of this set [Oyelowo] was wonderful, he was fantastic. It was something out of this world for him to be an actor and also be directing everybody on the set. His patience was unlimited. He would even tell some of us to take a breather and to take a beat.

How was it to work with David Oyelowo and Rosario Dawson?

Me and Ms. Rosario, we were always cracking jokes on set. We always had so much fun on set, especially in the eating scene at the dinner table, we were eating up everything. She was such a professional too, she always made me feel comfortable by saying, “It’s just me, you and your mom, nobody else, just focus on the scene.” It was a very enjoyable set.

Check out the trailer below to this amazing new movie. Have you already seen it? Sound-off and comment below on what you thought. We want to hear from you!

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