Last week, Malik Beasley took to his Instagram to apologize to his two-year-old son, Makai Beasley, whom he shares with his estranged wife Montana Yao. The NBA player, who was recently rumored to be dating Larsa Pippen while married, did not explain exactly why he was apologizing.

“I ain’t perfect and I definitely thought I was .. and I apologize for that young bull.. I have made mistakes but have learned from them.. I will make up for the time that I have missed and the struggles I have put you through.. you are a young king and you deserve to live that way. Learn from me..I love you and miss you Makai .. daddy has been working on himself.. I’ll be seeing you soon don’t worry,” Malik wrote in an Instagram post.


In response to Malik’s post, Montana took to her Instagram stories to ” address things when they are false.” According to the model, Beasley blindsided her and her son after he left them for Larsa Pippen.

She began, “I only address things when they are false. Young king? That’s interesting because you definitely do not try to help him live that life and still don’t. In fact quite the opposite. Y’all want the truth? Here we go. You completely blindsided us and kicked us out at 4 a.m. with nowhere to go and nothing but two suitcases after asking me to be a stay-at-home mom and wife for the past 3 years of our relationship. As you all can see clearly from my IG, Makai and I have been living back and forth from hotels to AirBnB’s, even moving states. And yes I have been getting back to work as fast as I can, thankfully I am able to do so with the generous help of my parents who have given up more than necessary time and money at their age and health conditions. Neither of your parents have tried to call me to see, talk to, or even check up on their own grandson whom they also now are denying.”

To make matters worse, Yao claims that Beasley wants a paternity test and is refusing to see his son.

“He has also requested a paternity test so in court, he’s not your son but on IG he is. That is used back and forth against me regularly now. You haven’t seen him since this all went down and will call some days then go days without calling. I have offered Malik to see his son, my lawyer went above and beyond to do so although he put us through this all and continues to do so I still offered.”

She continued, “For those of you that don’t know, the reason Makai is in my full custody is because of CPS from the criminal charge he got us into that I actually tried to take the charges for him (ladies if you don’t know this is illegal to claim drugs and firearms that aren’t yours, make sure you’re riding for the right person!) So now I am facing criminal charges as well.”

Montana ended her tirade by  chastising Beasley for misleading her during their marriage

“Makai and I are hurt and tired of this man’s continual fraudulent behavior, personalities, and mood swings. I would do anything for my son and I’m not complaining, but I am physically, mentally, and emotionally drained from Malik and his family…..I was married to what feels like a stranger who fed me lies and sold dreams for 3 years. I would not have put myself in this position if I knew who he was from the beginning.”

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