Like many parents, rapper/singer Chance the Rapper is making the most of his quality time with his children during the coronavirus pandemic. Chance has two daughters with his wife Kirsten Corley: 4-year-old Kensli and 7-month-old Marli Bennett.

In an interview with PEOPLE magazine, Chance the Rapper shared heartwarming stories about raising his daughters during the pandemic. “They make me laugh so often. Kensli says really funny stuff and she’s very, very advanced for her age,” said Chance. “I know all parents say that about their kids, but it’s ridiculous. She’s so intelligent and she just speaks. She’s very opinionated too. She says exactly how she feels about stuff. She’s 4, but she acts like a 7 year old that’s acting like she’s 13.”


Chance the Rapper explained that he and Kensli have spent their time playing games and dancing. “We play Ambulance and Jenga. Those are our two games that we play every day now. She has her own little Jenga, but I think the music that we dance to and the games that we play are probably the things she will remember the most fondly,” said Chance. Chance also spoke about how it took him two days to build Kensli a new bicycle and was “really proud” when he completed it.

As for his baby daughter Marli, Chance the Rapper explained that she started speaking her first words. “Her first word was ‘Dada,’ which I’m proud to say both of my girls’ first words were ‘Dad’ basically,” said Chance. “She calls everybody ‘Dada’ now. She even calls her toys and her pacifier ‘Dada,’ so that’s just her go-to phrase now.”

Chance further elaborated with a short story. “I was making a bite for Kensli, and [Marli] was in her little walker. She wobbled over to me and I was like, ‘Heyyyy’ and she responded the exact same little ‘Heyyyy’ back to me. It was in key and matched my energy perfectly. I was like ‘Damn, can you talk? That’s crazy.’ That was a crazy moment for me. I laughed at it.”

Though he has admitted that parenting can be difficult during the pandemic, Chance the Rapper says that he is grateful to be with his wife and children and is blessed to have them. “I’ve been waking up daily with a newfound gratitude and being very grateful that I’m married right now,” says Chance. “The fact that me, my daughters and my wife all live in one house together is a huge, huge blessing, so I’ve just been taking that in.”

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