Lidya  Jewett is truly one of the most captivating and talented rising members of #younghollywood today. This beautiful young actress portrays the young Sarah Hill on the hit NBC television show, Good Girls, and of course, she is most definitely a fan favorite.

Jewett has amassed an impressive resume that actresses twice her age would covet. She has been in Hidden Figures, Black Panther, and The Darkest Minds. Recently, BCKOnline had the privileged opportunity to sit down with Jewett for a look into her world. Take a look at her interview below, we have a feeling that this is just the beginning for this amazing young lady.


What made you want to start acting?

That is a great question I get a lot. It’s hard for me to answer because I was so young when I started I really don’t remember NOT doing this. So I like to answer it with why I continue to act and that is because I absolutely love it. I love meeting people and taking on and developing roles and characters. It is a lot of fun.

What is the most difficult thing about being an actress?

Hmm. That is hard because I don’t see anything as difficult. I guess I would have to say sometimes our schedules get so busy that I may not be able to hang with some of my friends sometimes.

Tell us about your role on Good Girls. How are you different than and similar to your character?

Sara Hill is a lot like me. She is the same age and loves to stay on top of her academics, sports and she loves her family.  We are alike on all of that. One way we are different is I would never be allowed to be sassy to my parents in real life. No way.

On Good Girls, you are working with seasoned veterans in the industry. What is the one thing that you have learned from them that has made you a better actress?

I have learned so much in our 3 seasons. I love to see how we can be laughing and joking and then turn right around and do the scene professionally. I like learning where people’s space is. For instance with Reno Wilson, he is a dad in real life. He treats me like his daughter. With Retta, she has a lot more lines and scenes she has to do so I like to give her the space to concentrate.
In addition to acting, what other things are you passionate about? Can you tell us about this work and why do you feel that it is important?

Hands down I am most passionate about my academics. I go to a great school in NYC and absolutely love it and love excelling. I think it is important because education changes a person. Especially girls. We have big dreams and it’s going to take us being strong in school.

What advice would you give other kids that want to break into acting?

My advice is to first ask why they want to break into acting. If they love taking on roles and characters and are interested in the whole production process, then I say go for it. Find an agent who can work with you. But remember you have to be very patient and be able to take rejection well. It’s not always easy.

What message do you have for other children that have been adopted or that are waiting for a family?

Kids who are adopted come from many different backgrounds and situations. I think I would want them to know and believe that those situations are not their fault at all. They are worth being loved just as they are and if they are currently waiting for a family I want to tell them to not lose hope.

Science and math are two of your favorite subjects. What other subjects in school are top on your list?

I absolutely love all my subjects. I am taking history and Spanish as well. I am in Juniors National Honor Society and have a leadership position for my grade.

Where do you see yourself in the future with your career? Acting or doing something else? 

I see myself doing a lot!  I want to write and produce and direct.  I love talking to our Good Girls writers and when I recently shot a movie in Canada I would try to stand behind our director and watch her and see what she was seeing.  But I also am interested in helping rehabilitate animals and also law. So maybe I’ll be a lawyer.

Tiffany Silva

Tiffany Silva

Writer and Editor

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