Sixteen-year-old Storm Reid has become one of #younghollywood’s most recognizable faces. From 2018, when she first captured the attention of the world in A Wrinkle in Time, playing opposite A-listers such as Oprah Winfrey and Reece Witherspoon to now, this talented teen’s star continues to rise.

With her latest project, The Invisible Man, Reid is poised to take on important issues such as domestic violence, trauma and mental health in this horror movie remake.


Reid recently sat down with for an exclusive interview. Take a look at what the talented teen had to say and make sure to keep her upcoming thriller on your radar because we know that it is going to unquestionably be another box office hit for her!

Take us back to the first time you read the script for The Invisible Man. What do you remember most about that moment?

I was in the kitchen and my mother was cooking dinner and she had read it before me. I was reading it, and then there was a moment where stuff started to really escalate. I just love that it was a genre piece and it was scary. I was on the edge of my seat while reading it, but it also had beautiful messages. I try to be very strategic with what I am a part of and the content I create. I want it to have a progressive conversation, and I felt like The Invisible Man did just that.

How does it feel to be a part of a project that puts a twist on a classic film?

It’s amazing. The Invisible Man has been loved by so many people for years. I don’t think we [tried] to alter it in any way. I feel like we just tried to reimagine it, and having a woman at the center of it made the project very real. I am thankful for that because, even though it was scary and it is frightening, you kind of feel a sense of humanity.

There are a lot of underlying messages in The Invisible Man. What should people take away from this film?

I just hope the audience knows that it’s OK to feel weak and strong at the same time. And even though a situation you’re going through can be terrible and heartbreaking, you could find beauty in that and know that everything starts with self-love. I know that’s easier said than done, but if you know that you are worthy of being seen and being heard and being loved, then you’ll be able to overcome anything.

What have you learned from working with amazing women like Oprah and Ava DuVernay?

I feel like they’ve gotten to where they are because they are good people, and they have good hearts and they have love and passion and humility for what they’re doing. I’ve experienced that firsthand with Ava DuVernay on A Wrinkle in Time and “When They See Us.” And then being able to work with Ms. Oprah [and] my big sister Zendaya. I feel like they are all very appreciative of what they’re doing and they’re trying to make a change and have those progressive conversations. So that inspires me the most, that they’re just good people and they have all this success but they are still grounded and humble.

How important is it to have your “Euphoria” co-star Zendaya as a friend and big sister as you navigate Hollywood?

We try to stay in contact when we’re not filming, and she invited me to her house for Christmas. We live close, so I just went to her house and hung out with her and her family — who I love — and we played some games, such as Black Card Revoked, so it was fun. Zendaya has been someone that I’ve looked up to forever. Working with her is amazing because she is older than me but she’s closer in age, so I’m able to lean on her for things that I’m going through as a young girl growing up in Hollywood.

You will be graduating from high school in a few months. Do you plan to attend college next fall?

I’m excited. I’m going to take a gap year and then figure out what school I’ll attend. I have a few on my list such as [the] University of Southern California. They have an incredible film school, and I would like to major in film and just learn the business more. And then, of course, I’m from Atlanta, so Spelman College is a great school. So, I’m considering that or maybe even Howard University to be around my people.

Tiffany Silva

Tiffany Silva

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