The new Netflix show, Raising Dion, is unquestionably headed to be one of the streaming services most popular shows. The  show stars recognizable faces such as Michael B. Jordan, Nicole Reese, and Ja’Siah Young, in addition to TJ Wright.


You may remember Wright from his role  as “Sekani Carter” in the critically acclaimed box office hit, The Hate You Give, starring Russell Hornsby, Amandla Stenberg and Regina Hall. In the Netflix show, Wright stars as “Chris,” the leader of “cool kids” at Dion’s school. had the opportunity to sit down with the young star for an interview and get to know the rising star a bit better. Check out what he had to say and don’t forget to follow this talented Renaissance young man on Instagram. You don’t want to miss out on his journey.

BSCKids: Tell us a bit about the character you play on Raising Dion, and how did you get the role?

TJ Wright: I play, Chris, the leader of a skateboard/bully crew. I did a self-tape audition for the role at home and was lucky enough to book off of my self-tape.

Do you feel like you have anything in common with the character you play?

Well, I skate, too. But, other than that, no. I am definitely not a bully. I am really against bullying so it was an interesting challenge to play one.

Throughout your career, who do you feel like you have learned the most from?

I’ve learned something from almost everyone I’ve worked with. If I had to pick one person, I’d say Amandla Stenberg. She taught me a lot of professionalism in the business and about being a child actor in this business. She talked to me about her experience as a child actor. It was helpful to hear what she’s gone through and how to deal with certain situations.

Tell us something people would be surprised about you.

I can eat a whole box of Frosted Flakes at one time if my mom doesn’t tell me to stop! Well, basically any cereal except Raisin Bran.

What is your favorite original Netflix series of all time besides your own upcoming show?

I watch a lot of shows on Netflix but I would have to say Stranger Things. It has different levels to it – there’s a comedy aspect, then it’s scary and suspenseful at times and there are a lot of cliffhangers. There are also amazing actors on the show so it helps give the show a lot of depth.

Do you get recognized by fans when you are out, and do you have any fun fan stories?

Actually, I’ve gotten recognized more than I expected after The Hate U Give, which is pretty cool because I used to always see big celebrities get recognized and now it’s starting to happen to me. I appreciate the love. One of the coolest fan stories so far happened in Jackson, MI. Angie Thomas, the author of The Hate U Give, was doing a screening in Jackson and she sent me a video with the WHOLE theater saying hi and sending me love. It felt so cool that my role had that impact.

What has been the best thing that has happened behind the scenes while filming Raising Dion?

Definitely the trick or treating experience. A lot of us kids had to film on Halloween. We were working on a huge studio lot in Atlanta and the crew put together the best trick or treating experience ever. We went to every department on the lot for candy and treats – one of the best treats was at the special effects department because we got to see some cool fire displays.

How do you feel that Raising Dion is different from other super hero shows?

I think it’s different because there are not a lot of kid superhero shows. And, Dion is learning how to use his super powers while a lot of other superheroes already know how to use them. It opens up new opportunities to see super powers from different perspective.

If you could have one super power which one would it be and why?

Telekinesis because it would be cool to be able to move things around with my mind. Sometimes I don’t feel like leaving my room so I could move the snacks into my room without leaving! But I really love super powers in general so I would actually want to test drive a few before fully committing.

In 10 words or less, why should everyone tune in to watch Raising Dion?

Watch Raising Dion to expand your superhero horizon!

Tiffany Silva

Tiffany Silva

Writer and Editor

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