Emani's Mom Wasn't Onstage At The Late Rapper's Funeral

Nipsey Hussle, real name Ermias Asghedom, will be laid to rest at Forest Lawn in Hollywood Hills today. Some fans, however, will still wonder why Tanisha Asghedom, the mother of the late rapper’s daughter Emani Asghedom, was not present onstage during Nipsey’s memorial service on Thursday (April 11).



The moment in question is the segment where Lauren London and Samantha Smith, Nipsey’s sister, brought the kids onstage. Kross Asghedom and Emani Asghedom were present along with Kameron Carter, Lauren London’s son with Lil Wayne. Kameron and Kross were the only two kids who spoke into the microphone. Emani appeared overwhelmed by her emotions and declined to give a public tribute to her father. Some fans believe that the oldest child of Nipsey Hussle would have been more obliged to speak had Emani’s mom, Tanisha Asghedom, been onstage with her daughter.

For those who do not know, Tanisha is Nipsey Hussle’s ex-girlfriend. She took on the rapper’s last name during his lifetime even though the two were never married. In fact, Tanisha never acknowledged her and Nipsey as separated despite the rapper building a relationship with Lauren London that seemed more like a marriage to many. Some still believe that the celebrity couple tied the knot before Hussle’s death despite Lauren dispelling such a rumor on several different occasions.

Perhaps Tanisha was in the audience at Nipsey Hussle’s memorial service. Several fans, however, believe that Emani’s mother should have been onstage. “She was the child’s mother,” one Liberty Voice reader wrote after getting wind of Tanisha’s apparent absence. “She should have been there to support her daughter,” the fan added. “The child should come first. Emani needed her mother. Emani needed Tanisha. Emani did not need a woman who was not her mother.”

Lauren London and Tanisha Asghedom’s relationship may not have been the best leading up to Nipsey Hussle’s untimely death. Emani’s mother did, after all, invite Nipsey’s girlfriend to block her online after telling London that Hussle was in love with her and not Lauren. Still, do you think that Lauren London would prevent the mother of her late boyfriend’s daughter from attending his funeral? Share with us!



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  1. Nesha says:

    I understand she can be hurting, however Nipsey had primary custody of his daughter, she was allowed Weekly visitation. Ask anyone in LA…He and Lauren has been married since this summer so she was more than a girlfriend. They had been married less than a year before his passing. 

  2. Al says:

    Go view her IG page. Chynahussle and different man every 2 months.  And I doubt he was because she looks busted

  3. Al says:

    Her real name is tanisha foster . She just use his name on social media. They were never married 

  4. SavannahG says:

    To which fans are you referring? Why would this woman be on stage?? 🙄This is by far the most stupidest headline I’ve seen regarding this whole incident to date. They have a daughter in common and that’s it. Clearly she’s moved on, as she has two other kids that don’t belong to the late rapper. Furthermore, he lived with another woman and fathered a child with that woman. Moreover, the daughter that he had with her also resided in the house with him and his woman.  So, if something were to happen to you, shall your family fun and gather up the exes and let them speak?? Just because someone dies, the dynamics of the relationship does not change. Therefore, she’s his ex in life, and his ex in the afterlife. He was never married, but she uses his last name, trying to get some sort of  recognition.🙄 

  5. Rubiez says:

    Did she marry someone with the same last name as Nipsey?

  6. Tula Smith says:

    She said out her own mouth that her husband didn’t want her speaking at her baby’s fathers funeral. It was her now husband, she said it on her instastories. 

  7. Mmmmkay says:

    I believe he was probably  still seeing her. Most muslim men are in multiple relationships. Not to mention hes a man, period.

  8. Niah says:

    And how is that disrespecting his legacy?  Lol if that’s the sooo cold case “ in YOUR 👀 eyes” this whole article is disrespecting his legacy. Mrs. I know Nispey and Lauren London life story . 🤔. Lol gonna get mad about somebody else opinion and call it disrespecting . Why don’t you do something useful to the family like buy his music or send some flowers to his grave cite. Besides trying to clout CHASE ONLINE & come after somebody’s non disrespectful opinion. 👊🏽

  9. Niah says:

    Where you  there as well?? Everyone is  entitled to an opinion ! Get over it Sis! You acting like you know they life story lol. 

  10. Mrs medley says:

    She didn’t need to be on stage she was an ex. She was there tho. Emani sat with her and rode with her during the procession. And for the record emani lived with lauren and nip so kill all that she aint her mom disrespect. She played the role. Stop disrespecting nipseys legacy

  11. Niah says:

    I think her mom should of been on stage her daughter needed her and the support! Even though Nispey Hussle was no longer with her I still feel like she should of been there. Not to start drama but she shares a child with him too. I don’t see what the BIG deal would be if she was there and got on stage. I personally thought she was going to up their with her daughter. And was  quite shocked that she wasn’t on stage . My heart 💜 goes out to Nispey Family. I’ve always been a big fan of his Music and movement so losing Nipsey 😞 hurt. 

  12. semakaleng says:

    Im with you on that one. Every child was given a chance to speak.  Emani was obviously very emotional and its was sad, It does not matter if Lauren is her mother or not she was there and very supportive. People always look for shit to say even when its not necessary. I dont know their story but clearly London was the love of his life.


  13. Meghan says:

    What a rude NASTY comment from the article, “Emani did not need a woman who was not her mother.” THAT MAKES ZERO SENSE!!! Clearly Emani was comforted by Lauren right in front of all of us, and was very apparent how sincere their love ALSO was, as Lauren has been around for 5 years. I lost my father a few years ago as a young adult…so I can only imagine a young CHILD not wanting to speak at such a time of her father’s funeral. Get a life to that “reader” & find real love–which is ultimately through God, and has NOTHING to do with biological ties in many, many instances.

  14. semakaleng says:

    I don’t  even understand why fans have to wonder, She is not his wife or girlfriend so there is really no need for her to be on stage. Her coming to the funeral is enough,  what the hell is she going to talk about? This world is full of crazy people really.

  15. RealityCheck says:

    Chile she used his last name to make money.   She was disrespectful and couldn’t accept that he moved on.   She wasn’t on stage for a reason.   You have to be a sick person to use a last name of a man that CLEARLY was IN LOVE with another woman.   

  16. Absolutely NOT! yes we acknowledge who Tanisha is but she didn’t need to be on the stage— wasn’t the time. We are concerned about The family Lauren and the KIDS!

  17. Did anyone ever stop to think maybe she couldn’t be on stage maybe it’s all to really for all of his love ones right now and this dumb ass story is not helping anyone

  18. Lily says:

    No this is stupid, and maybe she did it out of respect if a former girl that had something to do with my husband and says these words to me she would be no we’re near me and of course I can’t say I know Lauren but shes not this tacky to prevent a child from being supported by her mother regardless of the situation. And to be honest I thought this is a true story cause a man is going to be with the love of his life no matter what and who tried to stop him no man will stay by ur side if he was supposedly deeply in love with that other female 

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