"She Needs A Stylist For Her Daughter"

Joseline Hernandez continues to come under attack for how she cares for her daughter, Bonnie Bella. The latest thing that fans and critics are arguing over is the way that the former “Love and Hip Hop:Atlanta” star dresses her little one.


In recent photos uploaded by the celebrity mom, Bonnie Bella can be seen wearing a Ralph Lauren sweater, some striped pants and a red and blue hat.

“She needs a stylist for her daughter,” one critic said under one of the photos. “She dresses her so old, just saying.” Another of Joseline’s critics advised, “Dress her up pretty.” Isn’t “pretty” a subjective term, though?

In any case, with criticism comes a swarm of support. Joseline Hernandez had several defenders who told the trolls to leave her and Bonnie Bella alone.

“I will never understand why so many of you all are pressed about the way she dresses her child,” one supporter shared. “Let this woman dress her child the way that she wants to,” the defender advised. “There isn’t anything wrong with it. Everyone’s sense of style is different.”

Another of Joseline’s fans said, “You think Joseline cares about what y’all have to say about how she dresses HER daughter? So STFU and carry on. Bella is a child.”

And another added, “I love the way you are raising Bella and especially how you dress her up it’s so unique and prided.”

Bonnie Bella is Joseline Hernandez and Stevie J’s only child.



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Comments 12

  1. Gloria says:

    Bonnie Bella is a lil cutie! Not feeling that granny hat though. C’mon Joseline…don’t dress her so old fashioned….she’s too damn cute for that!!

  2. Tiaja Lofton says:

    My honest opinion, she can dress her daughter anyway she wants to. Everyone believes that since your a celebrity that your suppose to have your kids looking a specific way, smh. What you wear does not defy who you are (one more time for the people in the back) WHAT YOU WEAR DOES NOT DEFY WHO YOU ARE!

  3. Kim Kitty says:

    She dresses her child in cute some of y’all dress your children and train then to dance like strippers

  4. Lee says:

    Y’all can keep y’all stupid opinions who give af maybe she got a fashion sense we don’t understand the baby is beautiful y’all be caring about the wrong thing

  5. You have to remember that Joseline is Puerto Rican. This is the way they dress there kids. They mix patterns and put a lot of different color palettes together that we wouldn’t.

  6. Michelle Walker says:

    At the freaken end of the got dang day, Bonnie Bell is Joseline’s responsibility. And let us NOT forget, she’s still a child.
    Leave her and her child alone, stop attacking her cause y’all some miserable hens.
    Blessings to you

  7. Truth B Told says:

    Some of You MO FO”s need to get a Dam Life!.
    Not one of You are Paying any Bills or Child Care notes….All You do is sit around and Comment on someone else’s Life…..
    “Misery Loves Company”……Get A Life!

  8. Baby is dressed like somebody’s grandmama! Stripper thots don’t know how to dress with class so hire a stylist with some of her child support money! U have no taste and it shows on baby bonnett!! #HIREASTYLIST

  9. That baby been need a stylist I’ve been saying for a long time! Use some of that child support on dressing her! U a stripper thot u don’t know anything about how to dress classy! Pay for a stylist and learn from that! Yuk!

  10. LayDiva says:

    The woman doesn’t know how to dress herself, what makes people think she’s capable of dressing her daughter? A stylist could help both of them look infinitely better.

  11. ChristineCohen says:

    People crazy as hell that women can dress her child the way she want you see that’s why a lot of people do not put they children on social media because people have bad opinions and so what if her teeth came out dam she a beautiful God gifted child

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