The Resistance Will Be Televised!

The resistance will be televised. Disney Channel has a new series called Star Wars: Resistance that is sure to attract young viewers this fall. Christopher Sean, Donald Faison, and Suzie McGrath lend their voices to the new animated series, which debuts this Sunday, October 7, on Disney Channel. The talent from the show recently sat down with BCK to talk about their experience with working behind the scenes of the series.

Star Wars: Resistance follows Kazuda “Kaz” Xiono , who is a young pilot recruited by the Resistance for a top-secret mission to spy on a growing threat of the First Order.


Christopher Sean, who portrays the leading role of Kaz on the show, says of the behind-the-scenes mechanics, “You have to play to the back of the audience, as they say, raising your voice, using your hands and gestures, utilizing your body, because they do record you. There’s a saying: ‘They can’t hear your eyebrow raise’. So it’s one of those things. How do you relay that emotion through your voice? That’s what you have to figure out as an actor.”

Suzie McGarth, who brings life to Tam, a tough and dedicated mechanic who dreams of becoming a pilot, would agree. “There really wasn’t any restraint,” McGarth reveals. “When you audition sometimes they’ll give you all these things you need to hit, an accent and all these things,” she continues. “She’s so cute,” McGarth exclaims of her character. “You spend so long kind of imagining how the voice is going to be put to the character, what’s it going to look like? And getting to see the finished product, it’s very gratifying…. She’s like this little tiny spitfire of a person. She’s fun. She’s fun to play.”

Small children may not understand everything regarding the series’ storyline. They will, however, enjoy the imagery and characters who are nothing short of energetic. Donald Faison is certainly one who brings a crazy cool vibe to the show. Interestingly enough, the actor’s character, Hype Fazon, shares his last name. Donald is especially excited to see his five-year-old’s reaction to his character.

“It will be really interesting to see how much he connects to my character knowing that there’s nothing extraordinary about him other than he flies a spaceship in a universe where everybody flies spaceships,” Donald tells BCK of his son’s potential perception of the show.

“I imagine for someone his age, he’s five, I imagine if I came home and said, ‘I’m Luke Skywalker,’ he’d probably be really excited,” Faison shares. “But when I came home and said I was Hype Faizon, he was like, ‘Who is Hype Faizon?’ He was like, ‘Oh, okay. I don’t care.’ But when he’s older, I think he’ll definitely appreciate the fact that his last name is in the Star Wars universe.”

You can catch the latest installment in the Star Wars franchise on Sunday, October 7, 2018, when Star Wars: Resistance airs on the Disney Channel at 10 PM ET/PT!



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