Over the years, Jaden Smith has left us flabbergasted with some of his rather cryptic tweets. During a recent interview with HuffingtonPost about his new movie “Skate Kitchen,” Smith explained some of his most confusing tweets.

Read on for the explanations behind some of his famous tweets.


“That’s true!” he told the Huffington Post. “Because I’m not gonna be categorized as a human. Oh, humans are supposed to do this or act like this or people are supposed to act like this or people are supposed to be this. I’m my own thing.”

“This one comes from a study that a scientist was saying, that the way that the eyes perceive reality is not the way we actually see it,” he explained to the Huffington Post. “So, like, we can only see three base colors, but there’s so much more on the electromagnetic spectrum of light that we could see, but our eyes are just not capable of seeing, which brought me to the realization that what we see on an everyday basis is not actually what’s there. It’s actually only what we can take in.”

But Smith doesn’t always have an explanation for his tweets.

“That one? I really don’t know where my head was at with that one,” Smith said.

In addition to being a top-rated model on the fashion scene, a world-renowned actor, a top-notch entrepreneur and activist, Jaden Smith is also known for his cutting-edge music. If you haven’t had the opportunity to check check out “Icon”, then press play below. What do you think of Smith’s music? Do you like his sound? Sound-off, we want to hear from you!

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