The Revelations Continue

The McClure family has been under fire ever since old tweets of Justin brought into question his views on race and culture. Amid the storm of social media scrutiny comes yet another revelation: Justin is not actually the McClure twins’ biological father. Just, wow!


Ami broke the news to the family’s YouTube fans earlier this week. A few followers of the McClures began asking questions after the matriarch of the family addressed Justin’s racist tweets from 2011. His old comments resurfaced a few weeks ago when one inquisitive social media user decided to look into the McClure Family’s Twitter account, which was converted from Justin’s personal account when the twins’ popularity grew. Justin tried to delete the questionable tweets but, of course, was unsuccessful thanks to the beauty that is screenshots.

“I wanna make it clear that I was just as shocked and surprised at those tweets,” Ami told the family’s YouTube fans in a serious video post that included her and Justin facing one another. “I did not know Justin then,” she clarified. “I met Justin in 2014. We did not start anything on social media until 2016. I know there is a gap there, that will be explained in a separate video.”

The “gap” that Ami referred to is the fact that the twins were born in 2013. How could Ami and Justin have met a year after the girls were born if he is indeed their biological father? As it turns out, the assumption that the McClure twins are Justin’s biological daughters is wrong. Ami explained it all.

“In 2012, I married a man I knew I should never have married. Finding out that I was pregnant with the girls is what gave me the courage to get out of that relationship because I knew I couldn’t bring children into a toxic and abusive environment. So I did my best as a mother to not allow my mistakes to affect my children. Justin and I met after the girls were born. They were a little over a year old. Justin adopted the girls. He is their dad, he’s the only dad they’ve known and he will be the only dad they’ve ever known.”

So there you have it. Not only have secrets about Justin’s controversial past come to light, but Ami also has a few undisclosed things up her sleeve. Stay tuned for more viral kids news!



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