Potty training wasn’t necessarily a breeze, but you made it through. Now, it’s all going to be downhill from now on, right? Well, not really. Bladder control during the night is a totally different challenge that parents have to help their children tackle.

Accidents while children are sleeping are bound to happen; however, here are a few tips to help. Remember, the National Sleep Foundation doesn’t consider bedwetting to be a problem until after seven-years-old; therefore, what your little one is going through is a part of their normal developmental cycle and this too shall pass. (Let them know, that it did for you!)


1. Don’t worry nor make children feel guilty. Bedwetting is actually pretty common and it is important to let children know this! When a child wets the bed, they may feel ashamed or embarrassed. Do not punish them, but if you tell them that it isn’t out of the ordinary and don’t make a big deal out of it, it will become less of a frustration for the them. Most kids tend to out grow bedwetting on their own.

2. Eliminate triggers. Don’t restrict fluids before bedtime, as you may cause dehydration, but make sure to encourage kids to drink liquids earlier in the day instead of in the evenings to help eliminate accidents.

3. Encourage bathroom trips. Make sure that your kids are taking regular potty breaks. Before story time and tucking them in for the night, plan a bathroom pit stop first!


4. Get a bedwetting alarm and waterproof mattress. A bedwetting alarm is one of the most effective method of preventing accidents. When the alarms detect moisture in the bed, they will sound with the idea that if sleep is interrupted, then the brain will be conditioned to control the bladder to help prevent wetting accidents. However, this may take a while, so, in the meantime, make sure to invest in a waterproof mattress, which won’t stop wetting, but it will make changes a lot easier.


Tiffany Silva

Tiffany Silva

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