Recently, Amber Rose took to Instagram, letting the masses know that she has already chosen to have the talk about “the curse” with her four-year-old son Sebastian Thomas.


The superstar’s post has been met with some harsh criticism and, on the other hand, some extreme praise about her choice. However, those in the middle are questioning exactly when is the right time to talk to your kids about a woman’s menstrual cycle?

Well, there is no easy answer for this one. For many, it will depend on the child’s maturity level and not necessarily their age. Every parent knows when their child can handle information as such. Some parents agree that speaking to your child, even at four-years-old, is appropriate, if the conversation remains on their level.

The advantage of speaking to your child openly about things that will affect him or her in their lives, including menstruation, creates an environment where they can feel safe and free to be themselves. Children that establish a relationship as such with their parents early on feel comfortable asking questions about any and every topic, keeping the lines of communication completely and truly open.

Children are constantly plugged into everything from television to the internet and are constantly exposed to ads about menstruation, cramp medications, and feminine products. They pass Tampons and Always Pads going down the supermarket market aisles; therefore, the topic is not something that is hidden in obscurity. It is important to not let society give children the “talk,” which can set them up for a myriad of problems-misinformation, unplanned teen pregnancies, STD’s and more. Although boys will never have a visit from Aunt Flo, it is equally as important that they too have the period talk because they will potentially have a partner who menstruates.

So, with all of that said, back to our original question-is there a right time to talk to your children about menstruation? No, there is not. It all depends on the parent. However, if your child is like the one below, well, you may need to find the right words sooner than later! Sound off! We want to hear from you!

Tiffany Silva

Tiffany Silva

Writer and Editor

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