Biracial children, more often than not, are put in situations where they have to almost always “choose” what race they will identify with. If they are mixed with African-American, they tend to hear that they are “not black enough” while at the same time they have to identify and prove their “blackness”. What is wrong with biracial children simply identifying as being-biracial?

Actor and heartthrob Taye Diggs tackled this issue with the birth of his son, Walker. Walker is biracial. His mother is Broadway star, Idina Menzel. However, the Empire star came under extreme public scrutiny in November of 2015 when he told The Grio that he prefers to refer to Walker as biracial or mixed and not solely Black.


“When you [all biracial kids Black], you risk disrespecting that one half of who you are and that’s my fear,” he explained in the interview. “I don’t want my son to be in a situation where he calls himself Black and everyone thinks he has a Black mom and Black dad, and then they see a White mother, they wonder, ‘Oh, what’s going on?'”

Recently the 46-year-old thespian clarified his statement to BET telling them that he believed that he was misunderstood.  “That happens. But that gives me an opportunity to talk about issues that we don’t really talk about.”


At a time when our country is experiencing massive divisions on so many levels, it should be important to give children a sense of ethnic and racial pride; however, that should include, if they are biracial, helping them to embrace both sides of their genetic pool. Remember, it takes two halves to make a whole. Isn’t the most important thing to make sure that the children have a strong sense of self and know that they are loved unconditionally no matter what races have contributed to their DNA?

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Tiffany Silva

Tiffany Silva

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  1. Luis Boki says:

    Why is it more than not, the really dark-skinned black once in a mixed marriage, often tries to distance themselves from being referred to as who the world sees them as.
    Diggs is darker and shiner than my black tuxedo shoe.
    Unfortunately, in this “one drop rule America” perception I usually wins hands down in public.
    I never have particularly found Diggs attractive physically, clearly he has racial issues that signal him as being “dark inside”.
    President Obama refers himself as a black man. So does Tracee Ellis Ross.
    Taye’s Offspring could only be setting himself for ridicule because the blind white majority certainly won’t be going out of their way to call him biracial. I frankly cannot recall even 1 time in his wildly successful, beloved public life that some newsman ever calling President Obama nothing but our first black president (it undoubtedly disregards his dearly beloved Mother and maternal grandparents. Diggs son gets the last laugh when someone mistakenly demands to referred to as biracial. America’s dark racial history offers little Alternative than what their perception falsely dictates. The important thing is Diggs son knows the truth. Let the ignorant say what they want as long as you know the truth. Because history has shown, they certainly don’t care.

  2. TT says:

    He has a point.

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