Kerry Washington is exchanging wine for breastfeeding. The celebrity mom tells media that she does not engage in the "pump and dump" practice.

Kelly Mom deems a mother capable of breastfeeding after consuming alcohol if she is sober enough to drive. Recent studies support such logic by classifying it as safe for a mom to occasionally drink alcohol in moderation while breastfeeding.

Regardless of what the experts say, Kerry Washington feels most comfortable with going cold turkey. "I haven’t been drinking a lot of wine because I’ve been with child and nursing," the Scandal star tells PEOPLE. "I’m not really into the pump and dump," she adds.

One thing that Kerry Washington is into is popcorn. "I am a big popcorn lover," she reveals. "Popcorn is big in my house. We have popcorn for breakfast, which may not be the best parenting, but it’s fun."

Kerry and her husband, Nnamdi Asomugha, welcomed their son, Caleb, last October. The newborn joined older sibling Isabelle at home.

"She’s great, she’s enjoying it," Kerry said of Isabelle's adjustment to big sisterhood during her Golden Globe Awards red carpet interview on Sunday. "It’s good," she added. "I'm an only child, but my husband has many siblings, so he can walk her through it."

Isabelle celebrates her third birthday this year. She was born on April 21, 2014.

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