Christmas and the end-of-the-year can be a time full of joy and fun for families and friends to visit, reminisce, and spend time together. But as the holiday parties ensue, parents may sometimes just need a “woosha” moment or two as all of the kids are home for two weeks of yule-tide fun.

Instead of hiding behind the tree, here are a few tips to hopefully help you make it to January 1st!


1. Traveling with children. Whether it’s a car ride to grandma’s or a cross-country flight, kids can be a handful when they are constantly asking, “are we there yet?” To make it easier on all of you, make sure that you not only pack their suitcases full of extra clothes but you assemble a survival kit full of not only plenty of food and snacks, pack some arts and crafts, Ipod’s, Ipad’s, Nintendo DS’s, cellphones, etc. to keep them occupied. If it’s a car trip, play fun games or just talk for a change. And before you know it, you will actually be there.

2. It’s the thought of the gift that counts. Too many people get wrapped up in the stress of gift-giving. With the relentless financial pressure that comes along with the holiday season, the demands of getting the perfect gift are often front and center. Remember, it is the thought that counts, not necessarily the actual present. To keep your sanity and money in your pocket, the perfect gift could be a special picture of the grandkids for grandma, a handmade item that Uncle Joe would treasure—it’s up to you to be creative. Take a cue from our ancestors, creating lasting memories is definitely worth more than breaking the bank.

3. Here comes grandma! While grandparents can be, without a doubt, a true blessing, they can also symbolize a week or two of hearing, “well, grandma said that I can do it…!” To ward off any moments where you feel that the grandparents come in and trump your already established routines, talk to them beforehand and make sure that you guys present a united front. Watch the kids’ faces, their reactions will be priceless.

4. You want me to eat what? A holiday vacation can mean sampling different kinds of new foods as you go from house to house spreading holiday cheer. Whether it’s a new recipe that Aunt Sara decided to try or something that dad learned about from the internet, if you have picky eaters, be sure to bring along something that you know that they will cheerfully gobble up.

5. Holidays are fun! Above all, remember that the holidays are supposed to be filled with fun and enjoyment. They will be over before you know it. So, laugh, eat, and be merry for January 2 is right around the corner.

Tiffany Silva

Tiffany Silva

Writer and Editor

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