Ava Dash is not getting any love from Beyonce’s fans. The older daughter of Rachel Roy has been under attack ever since the HBO broadcast of Bey’s visual album Lemonade, which premiered this past weekend.


Fans have called Ava’s mother everything from a prostitute to ugly. “Your mom is a h**,” one Beyhive fan wrote on Ava’s page. The teen shared a photo of her and Rachel at a family friend’s wedding. Another candid of Ava and Rachel embracing one another also came under attack as one Bey fan deemed it necessary to write, “F***** sideh** mom wouldn’t be proud.”

All of the controversy is surrounding various scenes and songs in Lemonade that supposedly prove allegations of Jay-Z’s affair with Rachel Roy as true. Bey even references “Becky with the good hair” in her song ‘Sorry,’ which some fans have connected to Rachel Roy’s comment made shortly after the HBO special debuted. “Good hair don’t care,” Roy wrote. “But we will take good lighting, for selfies, or self truths, always. Live in the light #nodramaqueens.”

Rumors of Jay-Z’s infidelity began circulating shortly after footage of Bey’s sister, Solange, engaging in an argument with the rapper was released in 2014. The infamous “elevator scene” showed Solange attacking Jay-Z while Beyonce watched. Shortly thereafter, rumor mills began to turn with a few implying that Jay-Z was having an affair with Rachel Roy.

Although Bey never identified such speculation as truth, the lyrics to her songs in Lemonade definitely speak of infidelity and overcoming struggles in marriage. “With every tear came redemption,” Bey sings in the single Redemption. “My torturer became my remedy. So we’re going to heal, we’re going to start again.”

In her efforts to heal and begin afresh, Bey took HBO viewers back to milestones in her and Jay-Z’s marriage. The singer shared rare footage of her and the rapper’s wedding ceremony in Lemonade and even included a recording of herself while pregnant with Blue.

Perhaps one of the greatest clips that summed up the album was one of Jay-Z’s grandmother, Hattie White, addressing the subject of forgiveness. “I had my ups and downs, but I always found the inner strength to pull myself up,” she says in the footage. “I was served lemons, but I made lemonade.”

BCK Asks: Do you think Beyhive fans have gone too far in commenting on Ava’s page? Share your thoughts below!



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  1. Randa Wise says:

    I wonder how Beyoncé would feel if someone came after her daughter the way her bey-HIND attacked Rachel’s young daughter? Such double standards. And that fan base of hers need to all be put on a space shuttle and sent to another galaxy. They are wasting space and energy on planet earth.

  2. Dnatural says:

    Just horrible leave the children out of it. Nonsense and Bey needs to be attacking her HUSBAND!!!!!!!

  3. Nonya says:

    If an affair did indeed take place we must not forget there are children involved. If Jay cheated on Beyoncé, then she needs to take that up with Shawn Carter and not Rachel Roy. The more I read into this nonsense, the more it sounds like an insensitive hoax.


  4. bck reader says:

    it’s not right, because she’s an innocent kid, but unfortunately the beehive has no chill.

  5. Toya says:

    The whole situation is so embarrassing!! First Solange and the whole elevator scene and now this SMH If Jay Z supposedly did have an affair with Rachel (where are the concrete facts?) for these folks to be harassing Rachel and her daughters. Always amazes me how people just don’t give a sh!t behind a computer. I wonder what Papa Dash is thinking right about now. Beyonce are you really proud? Or are you disgusted/w your “Beyhive fan’s”? God forbid someone comes for Blu Ivy for all indiscretions that have caused mommy to have a very slow meltdown SMH

  6. WhateverGal says:

    JayZ?… But if these folks are bullying a teen, they need to be adults and quit

  7. Ateya says:

    Of course…she is a child. Cyber Bullying is indeed what it’s called. Horrible

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