Actor Taye Diggs stopped by the Steve Harvey show this week to talk about his role as dad to his 6-year-old son Walker with ex-wife Idina Menzel, racial identity, and the backlash that followed the release of his children’s book called “Mixed Me”.


Speaking on the controversy surrounding his book, Taye said, “My son is mixed. He is half black and half white. And this book is inspired by my son. It’s about a little mixed boy, who is half black and half white. And he goes throughout the book explaining to people that he is both and he is proud. He love his mom and his dad. And the book is for self-empowerment, self-esteem, and self-love. That is what the book is about. That’s what it stands for; that’s the message.”

He continued, “So it came back to me that people were interpreting the book as me saying that i didnt want my son to be black… that i was ashamed to be black.”

Watch the videos below to see whatelse Taye had to say about the controversy surrounding his book ‘Mixed Me’.


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Comments 6

  1. WhateverGal says:

    His son, his choice…

  2. NickyAngel says:

    Walker is a beautiful little boy

  3. Gee says:

    Taye diggs is a bonafied HUNK. His son is Biracial (seen as Black) and really cute

  4. melissa says:

    I agree with TLC. Just so he knows this and embraces it. Some mixed kids want to identify as White only and are seriously messed up and confused. They appear pride-less and weak. Truth be told many of us are technically both. I just got my dna racial composite back from a company called FamilyDNA. I am surprisingly 36% Caucasian but I don’t go around telling people I am 1/3 white. I am mixed but people still see me as a black woman. Just saying. I am sure quite a few black people have more white blood than even Taye’s son and don’t identify as mixed. In America if your hair is curly or knotty and you are high yella or darker…youze is black honey.

  5. khrish67 says:

    I don’t know why Taye Diggs has been constantly talking about whether his son is Black or White. If he doesn’t tell anyone, who’s going to guess……he looks Black, it’s that simple and it would be that simple if he assures his son of that fact. In this country your are treated by the way you look. To the police and all other racists he is going to be treated by the color of his skin. He has been on this kick about the parentage of his son before the son was even born. Enough already! The only one who cares is him. When he walks in the street with that child there will be no questions as to whether the child is his, not one question unless it is an old friend who hasn’t seen nor heard from him in a while. I do wish, for his sake, that child could have been born mulatto so that he could be a happy man. He has such a problem with being Black himself is what I think this is all about. Poor man.

  6. TLC says:

    He may be biracial but the world will see him as black.

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