Happy Birthday Johan! The son of Emily Bustamante, a.k.a. Emily B, and Fabolous celebrated his eighth birthday on Tuesday. Mom took to Instagram to share news of her youngster's special day.

"Today marks 8 years since God gave me this precious gift," Emily B wrote. "#HappyBirthdayJohan! He's been asking me to get a IG page so in honor of his bday I made one just for him! Follow @iamprincejoso." Johan also spent the day out at the Santa Monica Pier. The little one was all smiles while taking a picture just before entering Pacific Park for a day of fun.

Johan joined his father at the 2016 Grammy Awards on Sunday before sitting front and center at a WWE match on Tuesday. "Surprised him with WWE Smackdown for his Bday out in Ontario, CA," Fabolous shared with Instagram fans. Little Johan was captured while giving his undivided attention to the wrestlers.

Fabolous does everything within his power to show his kids that they are loved. "Your child, you know, they come into the world, they depending on you and they need you," he said during one interview. "At the same time, you are their connection to life so they have a genuine love for you that in those first beginning years of life, it’s nothing else that they even could think of that could match the love that they have for you. And I learned that from him. I learned what genuine love feels like."

Johan is Fabolous and Emily B's oldest son. The celebrity parents also have a little one named Jonas.



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