Miss Golden Globe 2016 Corinne Foxx attended the 73rd Annual Golden Globe Awards Nominations Announcement at The Beverly Hilton Hotel on December 10, 2015 in Beverly Hills, California. The 21-year-old recently sat down with W Magazine to talk about all things ‘Golden Globe’. Check out the interview below.


On being Miss Golden Globe:
For the last couple of years, family and friends have come up to me and asked me, ‘Why haven’t you gone out for this, you’d be perfect for this!’ And I was like, ‘Oh yeah, I mean, I guess.’ But I had no idea how to go about it and I still don’t really know the process through which they chose me. I was kind of hit out of the blue that they wanted me to be Miss Golden Globe.

On getting the part:
No. I think traditionally that’s how it’s been done, that there’s an application and some type of interview. This year they just kind of reached out to me and asked me if I wanted to do it and of course I said yes. So I’m happy they chose me. I have no idea how they even thought of me but I’m glad that they did.

On when she found out she got the part:

I knew for about a month [before the official announcement]. It was a long time especially because for the announcement I had fittings and I had a couple of meetings and my friends were like, ‘Where are you going? What are you doing?’ I had to come up with all these reasons and I’m a horrible secret keeper, I’m so bad at it. So I would just try to avoid my friends as much as I could.

On attending the Golden Globe in 2013:
I went once in 2013. And that was an amazing experience. I got to sit next to Leonardo DiCaprio, which I think is probably the best person to sit next to at the Golden Globes. I went with my dad in 2013 when he was there for Django [Unchained]. It’s just a really, really special awards show because it does combine TV and film so you’ve got the best of everything there. And the style they do it is a room with tables and it’s very conversational, it kind of feels like a party as opposed to you’re sitting in a chair and staring at the stage.

On preparing  for the ceremony:
I know I have rehearsals the day before and I’ll have rehearsals the morning of. I don’t really know the extent of what I’ll be rehearsing. Coming out and where to stand and how to direct people where to go. I talked to last year’s Miss Golden Globe, Greer Grammer, and she told me that’s one of the most difficult parts, getting the talent to go the right way because they always want to go left when they have to go right. So I guess I’ll be practicing that.

On what advice her dad has given her:

My dad doesn’t really live in the real world in the sense that he is so used to being on stage, he’s so used to performing, his advice is, ‘It’s easy, don’t think about it, it’s fun.’ And I’m like Dad, you say that because you’re on the stage all the time. For someone who’s never on the stage, it’s scary. So he’s not helpful with giving that advice. But he gives me advice about the night of and to not get small in the room and to stay big and not be nervous about the actors or the musicians and kind of hold my own.


The racial diversity of roles is an ongoing dialogue in the entertainment industry. And it’s been six years since there was an African American Miss Golden Globe [Mavis Spencer in 2010]. What are your thoughts on that?

Obviously, it’s an incredible honor and what’s been going on recently in the media with Black Lives Matter and a lot of the racial tension in the media, I think it is very important that I represent this demographic. And I’m honored. It has been six years, but it’s here now and I think it just shows progress in media.

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