She is the proud mother of one child, and happily expecting another bundle of joy to arrive in July. Tamera Mowry-Housley is becoming an expert parent, and sharing what she is learning along the way. This week the star gives five tips on how to cheer up your little one. Check them out below!


Tip #1: Make allowance for self-expression

“Little ones express themselves in the only ways they know how: throwing a fit, crying, screaming, you get it. Not that this is a fun thing to deal with when you’re in public, but a lot of times they just need to work through difficult emotions. Letting them take a second to show you how they feel is a way of getting them to figure out the issue on their own. They’ll usually move on once they’re all cried out.”

Tip #2: Put on a silly face

“Just the fact that we’re trying to make them smile makes them feel loved and special. Before reaching for toys or treats, I like to see if there’s a way I can do something silly to cheer Aden up. Funny faces or sounds don’t always do the trick, but every now and then that’s all a baby needs!”

Tip #3: Let them feel

“It’s important to let your child know that what they’re feeling is OK. Saying, ‘Don’t cry,’ or ‘Calm down,’ doesn’t always have the effect you think: sometimes it sends the message that they shouldn’t feel the way they do. Once Aden sees that his momma sympathizes (even if I really don’t know why he is upset) he starts to look more hopeful. When I see him start to smile I know that all he wanted was a little acknowledgement.”

Tip #4: Use the element of surprise

“If you can break away for a moment to take them for a walk or spend an hour at the playground, the unexpected stimulation might just make them forget they were ever upset.”

Tip #5: Involve kids in daily chores

“From prepping a meal to folding laundry to “helping” you run errands, these can all take your child’s mind off of their stressor. It’s strange how quickly those activities become less like a chore and more like a way to hang with mom!”

What do you think about Tamera’s tips? Do you have any pointers to share?



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