Zendaya has been making big waves with her new role as a teenage spy in the new Disney sitcom, K.C. Undercover. But we recently had a chance to get an exclusive with another noteworthy cast member, Trinity Stokes. We chatted about her personal experiences as a young actor and how she relates to her character, Judy Cooper.

Trinitee is only eight-years-old, but has already secured herself a place in the entertainment industry, thanks to her talent, and “fireball” attitude. The youngster says that being a fireball is a quality she shares with her K.C. Undercover character, Judy, who is actually a humanoid robot.

Although they may look like a normal, everyday bunch at first glance, they are actually trained spies who take on important world-saving missions. Judy, which stands for Undercover Digital Youth, is the youngest of the Cooper family.

Clearly jazzed up by her role, Trinitee enthusiastically described her character, saying: “she is a fireball, a bit of a know-it-all with encyclopedic knowledge, [chuckles] about everything.” The actress added, “She has super strength, and when it comes to missions, she kicks butt. [But] when it comes to friends, and human emotions and being social — not so much.”

While Trinitee also thinks of herself as tough and talented, she admitted that she does not have Judy’s super-powers, and noted that while she probably could kick butt on missions, she doesn’t get the opportunity in real life, “because I’m not a spy.” Besides, she’s “really good at being social.”

Trinitee with on set of show with co-stars Kamil McFadden and Zendaya.

Trinitee is, however, one talented and confident girl — with plenty of energy. “I knew I wanted to get into the entertainment industry when I was two. I said ‘mom, I wanna be on TV,’ and she said ‘Okay, let’s do it.’”

Her supportive mother then cast Trinitee in one of her plays, and from there she began auditioning and booking commercials. The family uprooted from Mississippi to Los Angeles, and soon enough, she was standing alongside Zendaya on set. Although it is hard work, Trinitee is enjoying every minute of it. “It’s fun,” she announced to us happily, “I love it, it’s really fun to do.”

When asked if she has any hidden talents, she was quick to correct us: “I don’t have any ‘hidden’ talents… I sing, I dance, I’m a fashion designer… and I write songs!”


L.A. has certainly been a successful move for this young star. K.C. Undercover is her first TV role, but she has also been featured in a couple of short films. As an only child, Trinitee is simply thrilled by the relationship she has with her cast members, and said “they make me feel like we’re really one big happy family.”

Recently, the rising star did get a chance to head back to Mississippi to promote literacy in her hometown. “Everyone should have the gift of literacy,” she explained with a notable maturity. “I plan on doing things like that [continuously], I just really enjoy giving back to the community.”

And who is her biggest inspiration?

“My parents, because they always help me make good decisions and help me do what’s right.”

Catch Trinitee on the new hit Disney action-sitcom, K.C. Undercover, Sundays at 8:30 pm on the Disney channel. You can also follow her on FaceBook  @theTrinitee, and on Instagram and Twitter @the_trinitee. Or, keep up to date with Trinitee news on her official website, www.thetrinitee.com.

The next episode of “K.C. Undercover” airs Sunday, January 25 (8:30 PM – 9:00 PM ET/PT), on Disney Channel.

Photos: Disney Channel

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