Rapper Tyga recently got candid with Vibe, opening up about fatherhood and his separation from Blac Chyna. The couple met in 2011, and in October of 2012 they welcomed their son, King Cairo Stevenson.


A couple months later the couple was engaged, but thinking first and foremost of their son, the two eventually decided to break apart. Tyga stated, “It wasn’t my happiness, and it wasn’t her happiness. It was for the sake of King.” He elaborated, “We decided to take a break apart ‘cause you don’t wanna raise an emotionally unstable child.”

In speaking about the break up, Tyga admitted that he still loves King’s mother, but implied they may not be built for each other. “You can’t change a person. A person is always gonna be who they came to the table [as]. You can improve a person’s potential, you can help guide that person but at the end of the day, they’re gonna make their own decisions.” He also suggested that Blac Chyna may need to experience life without him in order to grow, “and really learn responsibility.” And it seems to be working. When asked if he sees any changes in his ex, Tyga proudly said “I think she’s improving a lot.”

But the break up also means that Tyga’s life has been altered. Now, he’s a single father, navigating stardom and touring. “It’s definitely harder,” he admitted.  One of the biggest obstacles is having to deal with the rumors. “Like you said, you got personal life things out there and then you got stuff out there that’s like…you can’t even really defend yourself, or else you’ll be spending your time doing it every day.” He continued, “I read something that said I kicked my baby’s mother out the house. Crazy stuff like that, that’s not true.” Taking a tip from Jay-Z though, Tyga recognizes that as being a part of becoming more successful.

“Some people don’t know why they don’t like you. I think it’s just like, when you’re sitting at home sometimes and you feel like your life is not moving as fast as you want it to move, or as planned, you look at the next person and you’re like, “Look how this person is living!” and then it just becomes negative.” In the meantime though, Tyga has his beautiful so to keep him sane.

When asked how much King factors into Tyga maintaining his cool, his response was, “a lot.”

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