Alicia Keys stopped by Power 105.1 with host Angie Martinez, where she talked about her pregnancy, and discussed the inspirations for her upcoming album.


After Angie instinctively referred to Alicia’s baby bump as a “he”, there was a moment of excitement, with Alicia following suit. But it was quickly diffused by the mommy-to-be who pointed out that she has not yet (officially) revealed the sex of the baby and is not planning to any time soon. It seems only time will tell.

What the singer was willing to reveal is that it is only ONE baby. Alicia nipped the “twins” rumor in the bud before it even got a chance to get going, but took the time to share beautiful words with any mothers of twins who might have been listening. “I just want every mother who has twins to know how much I honor and appreciate you” she said.

The grammy-winner also divulged her feelings towards her own pregnancy with enthusiasm. She said, “I’m so excited, we’re so excited, it’s a beautiful thing.” The positive vibes extend to Alicia’s new music, starting with her newly released protest song, “We Are Here.”

The song seems to set the tone for the new album, which Alicia noted is wrapped up in the idea of trying to address public emotions about all the craziness happening in the world today. “We Are Here” comes from that conversation and with all the positive attention it’s receiving, Alicia continued “it’s beautiful to see how people are really gravitating towards that.” The song marks the beginning of her sixth studio album.

“We Are Here” was launched by the songstress with the intention of creating a new movement. She asked that listeners get on social media to state why they are here, #WeAreHere.

The video is accompanied by an explanation in which she wrote “The day I wrote this song, I was sitting in a circle of people of all ages and we were asked, ‘Why are you here.’ Why am I here?? This really hit me on a deep level. I realized no one had ever asked me that question before.”

During the interview, Alicia affirmed that her upcoming music is “all good vibes”. She and Angie laughed at the idea of making “popping bottles in the club” music during her pregnancy. “It would be off message,” the singer added.

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