For many women it may seem a far-fetched concept that a woman can return her body to it’s pre-baby state, or even that working out while pregnant is possible. While it’s true that pregnancy necessarily changes the body, it doesn’t mean we can’t learn to stay fit throughout the journey.


Of course, “work out while pregnant” is a pretty general statement, and it’s important to keep in mind that every woman is different and every pregnancy is, as well. But, barring certain health conditions, simple and moderate exercise routines can be a great way to get through those nine months happily, and healthily.

Kelly Rowland is a shining example. She has been hitting the gym five days a week with renowned celebrity trainer, Jeanette Jenkins. Although Kelly is still in the rather early stages of pregnancy, she’s looking great, and most of all – happy. Jeanette recently chatted with NicoleB to offer her advice for staying fit while growing a little one.

The first step, she explained, is to consult a doctor. “[M]ake sure that it is okay for you to work out while pregnant. Every woman’s journey through pregnancy is unique and everyone has to consider their own health parameters. Each woman has unique health issues to consider and this will result in specific guidelines.” Once you’re ready to go, Jeanette suggests these simple workouts, which should not be too strenuous on your body which, let’s face it, is already working overtime!

1. Cat Cow Stretch 4-5 reps, 3 sets
2. Butterfly Stretch hold for 8-10 deep breaths, 3 sets
3. Kegels 10-25 reps, 3 sets
4. Hip Circles 5 reps each direction, 3 sets

Jeanette also advocates for meditation (which Kelly has posted photos of herself partaking in). Deep breathing for 3-5 minutes while thinking about 5 things your grateful for; that should keep your nerves at bay.

Morning power walks are a great addition to this routine. It only takes 20 minutes to start the day feeling motivated and refreshed. Finally, on top of your prenatal vitamins, Jeanette suggests you work in some fresh juices for added nutrients.

Staying fit while pregnant is a healthy approach to the circumstances, but baby comes first, so it’s of the utmost importance that women do not overwork themselves. When you’re at your best, your baby is too. Jeanette told People magazine, “[Kelly’s] number one concern is just to be healthy for her baby. She’s going to be the most incredible mom.”

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