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Earth to Echo hasn’t even made its public debut yet, and it’s already receiving a lot of buzz in Hollywood. The movie has received the seal of approval from the Parents Television Council and the Truly Moving award from Heartland Film.

Anyone who catches a glimpse of the film will be able to attest to the touching story line. Three friends- Munch, Tuck, and Alex- are forced to pack up their belongings and bid farewell to one another after a so-called construction company decides to build a freeway in the middle of their neighborhood. The friends believe that all hope is lost until they begin to receive unusual signals on their smartphones that prompt them to go out into the desert to find a solution to their technological problems. What they discover is an alien who teaches them the true meaning of friendship and solves the mystery of the “construction” company who turns out to be the federal government. Apparently the feds are searching for Echo and will stop at nothing to see to it that the tiny creature never returns to his home on another planet. Echo does, however, make it home with the help of his friends who do everything within their power to nurse him back to health so he can again fly his spaceship.

Although his character, Tuck, is the leader of the pact who records everything, Astro says he doesn’t consider himself to be the star of the film. “To me Munch was the star,” says the actor. “He was like the funniest kid…He gets all the laughs.”

Indeed there is a reason why Munch, whose real name is Reese Hartwig, gets all of the laughs. He is the one character who is most afraid and often shows it. Munch attempts to bring logic into the situation after agreeing to ride his bicycle out into the desert with his friends. Prior to agreeing, he presents himself as a flight risk when Alex and Tuck decide to seek out the unknown. Munch also collects things, which make him even funnier.

Many of us laugh at Munch’s type but few of us admit that we probably wouldn’t be so brave as to ride our bikes into the middle of nowhere at night. “I don’t think I’d go follow no alien on no map to the desert late at night. It’s not my style. I’m not that brave,” says Astro of the concept. Even producer Andrew Panay admits that he’d probably have second thoughts. “I’d probably chicken out,” shares the Hollywood executive. “I think I would be Munch.”

Regardless of whether or not our bravery extends to seeking out an alien, we can all stand to learn a lesson or two from this film. “You can do anything,” says Panay. “You can do anything that you want if you set your mind to it.” The producer further shares his vision for the film: “My real goal is to say, ‘If you stick together, you can really win big.'”

Earth to Echo makes its public debut on Wednesday, July 2, 2014. This is the second acting gig for Astro who made his debut in show business on the ‘X Factor’ over two years ago.



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