In the world of Hollywood more and more children seem to find a place in TV shows, telefilms and other movies. It happens very often when they are children of other big actors or actresses: their life and career is therefore strictly influenced by who their parents are or were.

The top popular African American stars

Baby stars under 25 include not only children and babies, but also teens and young kids. They are launched in a life style which is adult-like. Among the most popular African American baby stars we can list names like Keke Palmer (singer-actress); Tyler James Williams (actor); Tyrel Jackson Williams (actor); Imani Hakim (actress); Roshon Fegan (actor, music producer, recording artist, songwriter); Zendaya (actress); China Anne McClain (actress) and many more.


The sad side of such amazing careers in the star system of Hollywood is that sooner or later all these young artists will be forgotten by most people. As soon as they will be grown, their image will change and this can determine the end of their career.

Baby stars who are just like any other child

However, people who watch TV and see baby stars working as actors or singers can’t imagine that in the real and private life those baby stars are exactly the same way most children are.

Nothing too complicated or impossible: the reality is that beyond any child there is the same need of love and of affection, there is the same need to play games and to have fun at parties.

Decorated cookiesOne thing that all children all over the world really love is to eat some delicious and nice sugar cookies: sugar cookies are a common and also very good looking kind of small bakery whose colors and decorations can attract the eyes of any child in this world!

You can try to prepare the sugar cookies at home: there are different recipes but you can follow the one in the link to videoculinary.com. Step by step you will learn how to decorate a cookie using the royal icing in different colors, so to bring elegance and smartness to your table.

Cookies are very good for a party with children, for a birthday party to accompany the cake or even for a regular breakfast or snack in the afternoon.

You can test this amazing recipe for cookies and try to invent new decorations following your imagination and personal tastes.

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