As told by two-year-old Blue Ivy Carter(if Blue could actually write):

Saturday was such an EPIC day for me (yes, i know what epic means). My mommy, daddy, and I attended Michelle Obama’s 50th birthday party at the White house! Well, i actually wasn’t invited to the party so my mommy and daddy made sure to take me on a tour of the White House earlier on Saturday.


We arrived in style, of course. My mommy held my hands while i strutted in my cream tulle dress. My mom kept it simple with a black dress, while my dad swagged it up in his ensemble. Meanwhile, our personal photographer followed closely behind us and made sure to get perfect shots of the back of my head.  I know by now, most of you are tired of seeing the back of my head. My mommy says that there are a lot of mean people on the internet so she prefers not to show my face in pictures. If it weren’t for the paparazzi, you guys wouldn’t even know what i looked like. Ok, back to my story.

Once we got into the White house, i took off my jacket to reveal my tutu ensemble(I don’t know where my mommy bought my tutu dress, but i will find out and give you the information later). Anyway, we walked around the White House and saw a Christmas tree. Can you believe that they still had Christmas decorations up and we are almost in February!  I asked my mom why the Christmas tree was still up, but she just told me, ‘Hush, Child’.

So guess what? I met Sunny Obama (or was it Bo Obama?). Either way, i petted the dog-in-chief!

Bo/Sunny and I had great conversation. We talked about hair, music, and such. We even talked about first daughters Malia and Sasha Obama, whom i met later on.

You can almost see my face in this picture. Can’t you? I am just teasing!


My mom met Bo, too. Doesn’t she look fabulous in her dress? She wore it to Mrs. Obama’s birthday party later that night. I know it’s short, but that’s how my mama likes her dresses. By the way, she performed for a crowd of all Mrs. Obama’s closest friends, including the Clintons, Samuel L. Jackson, Angela Bassett, Jennifer Hudson, and so many more people. Like i said, Saturday was an EPIC day!


Photos: Beyonce Tumblr

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